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The First Mile/Last Mile Problem

As traditional transport infrastructure stretches further out into the suburbs to service expanding cities it creates gaps, leaving commuters marooned in zones too far from stations and transport routes to easily use them. Getting to stations and transport routes is the initial stage of the first/last mile problem, and it’s sometimes repeated at the end of a bus or train trip with the ultimate destination still a hike away. Solving this problem by bringing fresh thinking to traditional transport approaches is the focus of our latest whitepaper, and the ideas in it could soon be gaining advocates in your own fleet.
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What you'll learn

The first/last mile problem presents a significant challenge for governments, organisations, and individuals. Our 14-page whitepaper is designed to start the kick-start the conversation around potential solutions and ways to tackle this complex problem.

What you'll get from this whitepaper

What MaaS, Mobility, and Micromobiliy are, and how they might hold a potential solution to urban transport
How the first/last mile problem impacts take-up of public transport
What governments and organisations can do to enable MaaS as a viable solution

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