The sharing economy is bringing change to corporate fleets

Smartrak’s new eBook on Corporate Mobility outlines a ‘new paradigm’ in fleet utilisation. We believe that vehicle sharing between organisations as the most effective way to maximise vehicle utilisation for corporate users.

Our extensive fleet data supports this, showing that carpooling solutions are a proven way to improve vehicle utilisation. This is reinforced via numerous PoolCar deployments, which show improvements in customer vehicle utilisation. But the Holy Grail of maximum utilisation continue to be elusive. We believe there are two factors that are generally responsible for this:

  1. Vehicles will often sit idle outside of work hours. This means that in a 24-hour period utilisation is never going to realistically hit 100%.
  2. Peak demand requirements necessitate a larger fleet than what is required for day-to-day operations

Improving utilisation rates to gain a more productive and efficient fleet requires a shift in thinking. We have identified the innovations being pioneered by the sharing economy as the step-change in vehicle utilisation the industry is looking for.

A new Corporate Mobility paradigm

If your organisation mainly uses non-specialist cars for workday tasks your fleet could soon be taking advantage of solutions that encourage car sharing between employees and even between organisations.

Smartrak has identified several opportunities to include sharing as a part of a Fleet Manager’s toolkit. We have started looking at ways to bring these solutions to you. Encouraging ride sharing for employees travelling to the same destination could be a valuable enhancement to our existing pool booking solution, but that’s just the start. Imagine the revenue opportunities that accrue when vehicles that sit idle outside of the working day can be hired by employees for personal use?

Now expand that thinking to include car sharing between organisations. This could effectively bolster vehicle availability just for those peak demand periods – the savings could be significant. Sharing opportunities are going to enable progress to the next level in utilisation. Smartrak welcomes your input into the development pathway that will bring these solutions to you. To find out more about vehicle sharing and the part it will play in Smartrak’s Corporate Mobility vision download our new eBook now.

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