Today’s fleet: Smaller, agile, and easier to manage

Cutting fleet size by at least 10% is just one of the multiple benefits being driven by a turnkey fleet management solution that’s revolutionising vehicle use in government, healthcare, higher education, and not-for-profit organisations.

These gains are being achieved through more efficient fleet utilisation, which starts with an integrated approach to managing your vehicle assets. Implementing Smartrak’s PoolCar Pool Booking solution, provides faster and more accurate vehicle reservations, along with significantly reduced administrative burden. Our integrated approach to managing fleets generates real savings for organisations – of all sizes. Smartrak’s proven methodology delivers these benefits today, through a application that’s intuitive, cost effective, and ready to go.

  • Gain improved visibility of your motor pool for more effective utilisation, and the insights necessary to right-size/type your fleet.
  • Reduce staff frustration and wasted time with an intuitive system for scheduling and sharing of vehicles.
  • Simplify vehicle access with integrated key management or keyless entry systems.
  • Control unauthorised vehicle use with integrated exception management.
  • Reduce the administrative burden with a motor pool solution that frees staff for the work that really matters to your organisation.
  • Accurately retrieve and allocate costs in a range of scenarios, including motor pool and car sharing operations.

Managers of all types of fleets can now meet the challenges of budget and program reductions by running a leaner, more responsive fleet.

Talk to a Smartrak expert about how your organisation can leverage Smartrak’s mobility portfolio to realise hidden operational efficiencies, and reduce your fleet size by 10%.

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