The Company

Unison Networks Limited owns, designs, manages and operates the electricity network that serves the Hawke’s Bay, Taupo and Rotorua regions. The network spans over 9,000km and supplies over 108,000 connected customers with approximately 1,678 GWh of electricity per annum. This makes Unison one of the larger electricity distribution businesses in New Zealand.

Unison has been serving the community and providing a service in this industry sector for over 80 years.

The Problem

Achieving the most efficient use of vehicles and manpower is virtually impossible without accurate data. If you have no way of measuring something, how can you take action to improve it? Smartrak’s sophisticated GPS tracking system allows you to actively monitor the previously unseen costs of running a vehicle fleet and make improvements that will save you money.

Any business owner or manager operating a vehicle fleet knows the impact rising fuel costs have on the bottom line. With improvements in fuel efficiency of up to 22% being reported by companies that use GPS systems, the benefits to your bottom line and the environment are significant.

The Solution

Installing the AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locator) is the basis for a powerful system that ultimately leads to increased staff safety, better utilisation of vehicles, and easier administration of Unison’s large vehicle fleet.

Unison’s Business Solutions Manager Gerrit van Asch says, “Smartrak’s GPS tracking system was initially implemented with just over 60 vehicles. This number has grown over the years and currently stands at over 170 vehicles. We wanted the ability to track our vehicles in real-time as it enables us to effectively manage our field resources. ”

The Benefits

Smartrak’s rich feature list has proven to be highly beneficial for Unison. Gerrit notes the following key benefits: “We had better utilisation of pool cars, and by using security proximity cards for driver identification we knew who used what vehicle and over what time. Administration and maintenance of the vehicle fleet is now easier with automatic reminders for service or inspection in due time, as well as support for Fringe Benefit Tax analysis.”

Gerrit says, “Smartrak consultants have always been most helpful and worked proactively with Unison. During the implementation stage they demonstrated great enthusiasm and willingness to go the extra mile in order to meet our specific requirements.”

Smartrak’s GPS tracking system is constantly evolving in our search to find ways to deliver better technology and provide our customers with innovative ways to use the system.

“We appreciate the continuous development and product enhancements, which most recently resulted in the new, extended fleet management module. Currently we have a new initiative underway to enable daily data extracts from Smartrak into Unison’s reporting database. Again, Smartrak staff have been happy to accommodate this latest requirement,” Gerrit says.