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Combine an innovation culture with the real-world experiences of people at the sharp end of fleet management and you get the solution you’ve been waiting for – Innovation that delivers applicable, proven benefits.

Smartrak’s solutions have been tested and proven in deployments throughout North America and Australasia, and we’re proud to say that our customers have witnessed greater productivity, improved operational flexibility and reduced management workload with every solution we’ve implemented.

Bringing world-class expertise to motor pool utilization and management.

Smartrak is proud of our motor pool management and utilization solutions. PoolCar, KeyMaster and Keyless Entry are building on an eight-year heritage of support for US government, education, healthcare and community service organizations. Our solutions are helping clients of all sizes do more with their motor pool assets, and gain the efficiencies that class-leading technology can provide.

As a business unit of the Volaris Group, which is a division of Constellation Software, Smartrak draws on significant intellectual, financial and logistical resources. Our products and services benefit from an extensive innovation ecosystem, where new ideas can be shared and tested, so that breakthrough solutions are offered to you.





Empower People

Empower People

Since day one, Smartrak has been making connections for people so that they can easily communicate with their mobile workforce and better manage their field assets.



Our responsibility is to aggregate data and present it in a meaningful format that empowers our clients to make well-informed decisions.

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From remote and isolated locations to busy urban environments, Smartrak has been fortunate to work alongside organizations with very different operational requirements, and our company has gained in knowledge and awareness with every relationship built. Smartrak has become the solutions provider it is today, enriched by varied and immersive partnerships and a team of diverse and passionate staff, precisely because we take the time to listen, understand and share.

Smartrak was one of the first companies to appreciate the huge potential of telematics, and we are well-placed to partner with our clients as they seek the operational tools to be more responsive and productive. Our in-depth knowledge of new technologies and the environments our clients operate in has given us the wisdom to recognize what can be done, the expertise to implement systems, and the insight to maximize benefits.

Our case studies are powerful evidence of the whole-hearted commitment Smartrak brings to achieving a client’s operational and business goals. In numerous deployments, across a range of industries, Smartrak has demonstrated a partnering attitude of proactive knowledge sharing. Your success measures are the criteria that we judge our own success against – every time.

Smartrak operates at the leading edge of telematics, bringing new capabilities to data gathering and opening exciting possibilities in information sharing. Our culture of innovation and exploration is making a real difference in addressing a range of challenges; whether it’s improving lone worker safety across the workplace, or the drive to embrace more sustainable operating practices. Smartrak welcomes the challenge.

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