It’s an unpleasant and time-wasting task; tracking down just who was responsible for that speeding ticket or scratched panel.

So make it easy on yourself, bring in a motor pool management solution that clearly identifies who was driving a vehicle at any time. The driver has logged the journey, the system has recorded when the keys were taken and returned – ‘Sorry buddy, but this ticket’s absolutely yours.’

And it really is that easy. The same PoolCar solution that drivers love because it takes the frustration out of booking vehicles, is the solution that ensures those drivers take ownership over how they drive. There’s even a place in the online booking form for drivers to write in any damage that’s occurred during the booking. Once they see that feature everyone will be checking their vehicles over before driving out.

It all makes great financial sense, but there’s a culture upside too. Bringing on a new booking system is the perfect time to introduce new procedures, this is a chance to set the standards that will quickly become the new normal for your drivers.

Imagine being able to respond to public complaints, confidently and quickly. Or seeing your traffic infringement and panel repair costs dropping. Motor pool reservations is just the start of a better shared vehicle experience – for everyone.