Operations Manager

Visualising and improving the management and efficiency of your team, whilst keeping your staff safe

Software to help manage your mobile workforce

Managing the dispatching and operation of your mobile workforce and being responsible for management over both human resources and organisational assets, Operations Managers face the delicate balance between operational field staff safety and ensuring the productivity of mobile worker operations.

Are you leveraging multiple solutions to manage staff and operations? Do you need to maximize the productivity and value of your assets? A unified platform providing solutions for health and safety and fleet management within a single solution simplifies management and allows you to visualise all your assets on a single platform.

Balance operational field staff safety and the productivity of mobile workforce operations.

Improve mobile workforce efficiency and productivity

Improved visibility of field operations

Minimise administration

Reduce unplanned disruptions

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Case Study – St Vincent’s Health

Using Smartrak’s Pool Booking solution in combination with our KeyMaster key management platform, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney was able to reduce it’s fleet by 13% within the first two years.

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