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The Big Ideas Driving Micromobility

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The Big Ideas Driving Mobility

Micromobility refers to single-person, very light vehicles. They can range from conventional
and electric scooters and bikes, to ‘personal vehicles’ like Segway.

Probably the most visible examples of micromobility are the fleets of shared e-scooters
and bikes that are now a common sight in many of our cities.

What you’ll learn from this whitepaper

Micromobility presents opportunities for governments, organisations, and individuals. Our 13-page whitepaper is designed to start the kick-start the conversation around MaaS and micromobility, and how it might compliment existing modes of transportation.

What you’ll get from this whitepaper

  • What MaaS, mobility, and micromobiliy are, and how they can be leveraged to provide transportation alternatives
  • How Amsterdam has embraced micromobility
  • How micromobility might solve the first/last mile problem
  • The role micromobility can play in shared fleets
  • Where businesses can leverage micromobility