Tracking your fleet should be a high priority

Why fleet tracking should be a top priority

Every day without fleet tracking is a lost opportunity. A lost opportunity to improve vehicle utilisation, to streamline vehicle management, to direct driver education, and to aid asset theft recovery. If you’re still on the fence about tracking fleet vehicles, read on to see what your organisation is missing out on.

Smartrak monitors and tracks thousands of vehicles across a wide range of operational environments. Our fleet tracking solutions deliver proven results for organisations that want more productive, safer fleets.

It streamlines vehicle management and maintenance

Many organisations still rely on manual systems and processes to manage their fleets. Whether it’s paper logbooks, tracking servicing via Excel spreadsheets, or setting reminders in Microsoft Outlook. Fleet tracking provides a dedicated software solution to automate and accurately manage your fleet.

Most vehicle management and maintenance tasks revolve around a vehicle’s current odometer. Our GPS fleet tracking solutions such as the OBD-II and AVL have the ability to automate vehicle odometer readings. This data is automatically uploaded into the Smartrak map for immediate maintenance and operational benefits, including reduced administration workloads.

You can also set reminders that will prompt you when a vehicle service is due. This can be done either by date or distance travelled and eliminates the need to maintain complex vehicle tracking spreadsheets or continually setting reminders in Microsoft Outlook.

It’s time to do away with paper logbooks and manual odometer readings. People hate doing them, and staff often forget or don’t bother because it’s too much hassle. Now you can capture the data without the need for manual input, ensuring your data is always accurate and up to date.

Fleet tracking offers insights into vehicle utilisation

Understanding the utilisation of your fleet is necessary to ensure you’re getting the best return on investment. Considering how much it costs to acquire, register, insure, and maintain a fleet of vehicles, organisations want to make every dollar count. But the reality is that many organisations don’t have data on how their vehicles are used, or the type of trips they’re used for. Without this data it’s impossible to make informed decisions about your fleet.

Fleet tracking hardware such as Smartrak’s AVL and OBD-II, in combination with our class leading telematics software solutions provide Fleet Managers visibility over how their fleets are being used daily. Stop guessing how often a vehicle is used or relying on anecdotes from various departments – use data instead.

For example, Meridian Energy used fleet tracking data to support their ambition to transition their fleet to Electric Vehicles. This was possible because they could see that the average distance travelled was well within the range of their new EVs. This eliminated any fears about range anxiety.

Furthermore, when you pair fleet tracking with a pool booking solution such as PoolCar, you gain the full picture around fleet utilisation. Pool Booking tells the story about how often vehicles are being used throughout the day. Fleet tracking fills in the gaps to reveal what each vehicle is doing once it leaves the car park. When combined, this data tells a powerful story about whether you have the correct fleet size and types of vehicles for your organisation. Using insights like this, Smartrak customers have achieved fleet reductions of at least 10% and often much more, with no adverse impact on operational capability.

It opens the door to driver safety

Driver safety is an essential component of fleet management. Ensuring staff obey the road rules and drive in a safe and calm manner lowers the risk of damage to vehicles and the staff themselves. But while you can implement safe driving policies and undertake driver training, it can be difficult to measure the results. With policy and discipline, you’ll only ever be able to curb individual driver behaviour reactively. i.e., once they’ve had an accident, received a speeding fine, or had a member of the public complain about their driving.

Fleet tracking solutions give organisations the ability to measure driver behaviour and manage it proactively. Smartrak’s solutions monitor vehicle speeding, and some can also monitor harsh cornering, acceleration, and breaking.

This data gives Fleet Managers the opportunity to analyse how their vehicles are driven on a day-to-day basis. Yes, you can view individual instances where an employee has sped or heavily applied the brakes. However, it is more powerful when looking at long-term driving trends. Is there an employee that consistently drives above the posted speed limit? As a result, do they apply more force when accelerating or breaking?

Data from fleet tracking gives organisations the ability to target driver education directly at the individuals who will receive the most benefit. It also lowers the risk of serious incidents and costly infringements.

Fleet tracking helps with asset theft

Fleet tracking helps with asset theft

Fleet tracking provides an elegant solution to asset theft. If an asset is stolen, administrators simply log into Smartrak and search for the asset’s current whereabouts. This information can be invaluable to police and insurance companies, significantly cutting down the time taken to recover missing assets.

Smartrak also has the ability for users to create custom geofences directly in the map interface. This alerts administrators if an asset leaves the designated area between certain hours.

For example, a Fleet Manager could create a geofence around their work carpark. They know vehicles aren’t used after work hours and can set the system to send an alert should an asset leave the geofence during these times. So, if an asset is stolen during these hours, a Fleet Manager will be able to alert the authorities straight away.

Fleet tracking enhances your COVID-19 policies and procedures

2020 was a year most people would like to forget. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still here and will likely be a global challenge for the foreseeable future. Organisations will still need to be able to provide contract tracing in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak.

Smartrak’s fleet tracking solutions provide organisations with the ability to know who was driving a vehicle at a specific point in time. It also provides information about where someone has been and for how long. This can be crucial if an employee learns that they were present at an active exposure site. If so, organisations can be proactive in notifying passengers and other staff that may also be impacted as a result.

Are you ready to begin fleet tracking?

It’s obvious that fleet tracking can be a valuable addition your fleet’s toolkit. The best part is it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing approach. Smartrak has multiple fleet tracking options and can work with you to ensure you’re getting the right solution for your needs.

Talk to us now to begin your fleet tracking journey.