A New partnership between IPWEA Fleet and Smartrak

IPWEA Australasia is very pleased to announce Smartrak has signed on as the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia’s (IPWEA) Fleet Sustainability Partner.

IPWEA Fleet is one of the key Communities of Practice that focuses on the activities undertaken to support an organisation’s objectives through the optimal and sustainable life-cycle management of its plant and vehicle assets. Key focus areas include fleet strategy, operations, safety, efficiency, maintenance, regulatory compliance, and the environment.

Smartrak is a leader in Sustainable Transportation solutions in Australasia. Offering telematics and booking software that provides deep insights into organisational fleets, Smartrak has enabled their customers to streamline their EV transitions and reduce their emissions profiles.

"Our partnership with Smartrak is an exciting step forward, marked by our shared goals and values in advancing support for fleet practitioners across the country, and internationally,” says IPWEA Fleet Director Marc Sibbald. “We are devoted to the development of capacity and capability within the market and are excited to support our members in keeping pace with the emerging technology landscape. We’re eager to connect industry with practitioners, fostering engagement and supporting education and growth within the market.”

Founded in 2006, Smartrak has grown to become one of the largest fleet management software providers in Australasia, with offices across Australia and New Zealand, helping hundreds of fleets gain visibility and insights into their operations.

“Smartrak is proud to be at the forefront of innovative solutions that enable organisations to realise the environmental, economic, and brand benefits of adopting sustainable transportation,” says Peter Grant, Smartrak’s Chief Executive Officer. “By surfacing real-time EV data, we provide insights that remove the friction from the transition.”

The newly formed partnership will also see the introduction of the Smartrak Fleet Certificate Scholarship that will provide two up-and-coming fleet leaders access to the IPWEA Fleet Certificate, as well as access to valuable resources to raise their capabilities in Fleet Management.

“Learning and education are at the core of Smartrak’s values, so we’re excited to support the next generation of fleet specialists as we transition to a more sustainable future,” says Mr. Grant. “The scholarship recipients will be offered a unique, and indispensable opportunity to learn as part of the IPWEA Fleet Certificate cohort.”

As well as the Scholarship for the Fleet Management Certificate, the Fleet Sustainability partnership will see Smartrak providing thought leadership on EVs and sustainability throughout the year, involvement at the 2024 IPWEA Australasian Fleet Conference held in March and regular contributions across the 2024 Fleet Training Days.


The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia is the peak association for municipal and public works professionals in Australia and New Zealand. IPWEA is a global leader in the delivery of sustainable infrastructure asset management, financial planning and reporting.

About Smartrak

Smartrak proudly leads the charge as the foremost provider of advanced EV fleet management and Sustainable Transportation solutions. Dedicated to facilitating EV enablement, addressing administration, and streamlining shared fleet management throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our expertise positions us as the preferred choice for government agencies, councils, healthcare, and utilities organisations, assisting them in their transition to Net Zero by enhancing fleet visibility, optimising utilisation, right-sizing their fleets, and effectively managing their electrified vehicles.

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