We are the cumulation of the success and innovation of our employees.

We are proud of the fact that the people who work at Smartrak share and uphold a core set of values. Our people are hardworking and highly skilled. We care about the customer and the people we work with.

We strive to attract the best people to our organisation, not just for their skills but also for their contribution to our culture.

We thrive in a supportive environment where we work together to achieve our goals, now and for the future.

If you have the skills and attitude to join us, we will support you to grow and succeed.

Our Values

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Our Internship program

Smartrak offers internship experiences within our Marketing department and looks to current and past interns to fill any new roles we create. The internships are structured to provide opportunities for university students to get significant hands-on experience, whilst receiving ongoing education and training of tools and platforms they’re likely to encounter across their career. Applications are open throughout the year, with part-time and full-time opportunities available.

What our staff have to say

  • I started working at Smartrak 5 years ago and from the start I knew that it was a supportive, hardworking, fun environment. Today, it remains just as positive, with the awesome group of passionate individuals that I am blessed to work with every day.

    After a couple of years (and some maternity leave in between) I’ve been given the opportunity to move into a leadership role for the Customer Service team.

    I continue to be encouraged to learn throughout my journey, a sentiment that is echoed throughout the organisation with ongoing training and personal development a cornerstone in all areas of the business.
    Sarah Masefield
  • I’ve been at Smartrak now for two years. I initially started as the Marketing Coordinator, but I’ve recently transitioned into a new role as a Marketing Strategist.

    It may sound terribly cliché, but Smartrak isn’t like other organisations. People truly do come first. I’m given the flexibility to schedule my work around my personal life. This has been especially important during COVID, when looking after a newborn.

     I’m amazed at the fact that they care so much about my professional development; not just where I am now, but what I want to achieve in the future. My manager and I are constantly trying to identify projects and opportunities that will develop the skills I’ll need to advance in my career. 

    Nick Allan
  • As a marketer, I’m particularly drawn to two attributes of the Smartrak approach.

    1. Solutions development goes beyond ‘product fit’ and looks to generate genuinely beneficial change.
    2. The company never rests in its drive to be a thought leader.

    Both of these ensure I work in an environment where resonant messaging and incisive thinking are valued.
    Andrew Hollis
  • Smartrak is a great place to work!

    My time at Smartrak started 9 years ago. Reflecting back on this time, what stands out to me is the care and respect we had for each other. To this day, that has not changed, although the size of the company has grown ten-fold. This core belief is the reason why Smartrak remains great.

    Smartrak not only represents an amazing, fun place to work but also a place of great opportunity. Another core belief of the company is that the work we do is meaningful and that it provides the opportunity for everyone to grow both professionally and personally.

    Jacob Toye

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