Data Aggregation, Analytics, and Insights

You Can’t Manage What You’re Not Measuring

Telematics provides vast amounts of data to any organisation that invests in it, but often that’s where it stops. Organisations go from having huge gaps in their visibility of their fleet to having too much detail but no actionable insights.

Data analytics and insights are key to taking back control of this data, mining it for key decision points and monitoring KPI’s.

Reporting by exception, standardised reports and insights will provide you with more time to focus on what’s really driving value for your business. Turn exceptions and highlights into tangible benefits for your organisation.

How Smartrak helps with asset productivity

Insight-based reports

Go beyond spreadsheets. Visual, interactive, and live reports to help you identify actionable insights.

Additional data inputs

Additional input mapping allows you to measure the real, productive use of an asset.

Robust API Integration

Integrate and automate Smartrak data into your business’ software for an end-to-end integrated solution.

Integration Improves Everything

Smartrak offers an integrated platform delivering fleet-based insights and safety solutions in a single solution. By integrating these often-separated deliverables for your organisation, not only can you deliver value across the whole business, you can do so with a deeper understanding of your data that can unlock value that was never visible before.

Data opens a new understanding of your fleet ensuring you’re capturing data that leads to valuable insights is important. Using data and inputs from multiple sources to build a better, more detailed picture of your fleet and assets’ use profile. Productive utilisation and proof of activity are key measures that many organisations can create visibility around, helping you to understand when an asset is idling or moving, but not productively utilised.

The understanding of your fleet’s use profile also opens the opportunity to track and measure your optimum fleet type and size for your current needs. Using that enables more accurate forecasting for your future needs, asset turnover, and lifetime value. Understand the true cost of your fleet and assets.

Case Study - Meridian Energy

Using Smartrak Meridian Energy were able to identify their fleet’s real use profile, which supported the business case for integrating EVs into the fleet.

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