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Be it power, water or gas, utility organisations face distinct challenges in the operation, maintenance and management of their networks and facilities
Reduce fleet costs
Keep your lone workers safe
Maximise asset utilisation
Reduce administration
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With more stringent health and safety legislation, utilities need to identify, assess, and control workplace risks. Lone worker safety has become a focus across utility organisations, with many staff travelling long distances, driving vehicles after hours, and undertaking maintenance and development of utility infrastructure in hazardous environments.
Optimise operational efficiencies
Manage staff risk
Maximise the utilisation of existing fleet and assets
Share resources and improve transparancy

How Smartrak helps utility companies

Smartrak solutions offer a wide range of benefits to utility companies.

Reduce risk

With utilities staff regularly working in the field, environmental risks and remoteness all play a factor in the safety and wellbeing of your staff. Smartrak’s fleet management and lone worker solutions provide the tools to reduce your organisation’s risk.

Improve efficiencies

Reduce the time staff spend looking for fleet vehicle keys, or running across the complex to collect and return vehicles, improving staff efficiency and making vehicle access frictionless.


With staff operating in areas with fragile native environments and expanding health and safety legislation, it is important to be able to manage, report and comply with legislation.

Keep your staff safe

Be it driving or operating as a lone worker in the field, Smartrak helps keep your staff safe, encouraging safe behaviours and notifying the organisation when the unexpected happens.

Reduce administration

Reduce the administrative burden in managing your fleet, and keys. Freeing up valuable staff resources for the work that really matters to your organisation, and your patients.

Improve visibility

Knowing where your assets are in the field helps manage risk, improve security and streamline management. Import your fixed assets into the map, dispatch and navigate staff to the location, and communicate with them while in the field.

Start doing more with less

Power, water and gas utility organisations use Smartrak to support the safety and welfare of employees who often work in remote and high-risk environments
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