Pool Vehicle Management

Pool Vehicle Management: A more efficient, accessible fleet

An organisation’s fleet is often the second-largest cost, after staffing. With ever-increasing pressure to reduce fleet costs, pool vehicles and shared fleets are becoming more popular.

Pool vehicle management allow fleets to maximise the utilisation of vehicles and ensure that the vehicle type matches the requirements of the job. Some organisations are even sharing their pool fleets with other organisations, further improving utilisation, and reducing the costs for all parties.

Pool vehicle management systems ensure that staff can only select the vehicles they’re authorised and licensed to use. This improves the efficiency of allocating the costs within the business and managing personal usage, including fringe benefits tax.

Key management integration can be used to reduce the cost and coordination of keys, whether it be through the use of a key cabinet or a keyless entry solution. Key management also ensures that access to vehicles can be restricted, even when a key custodian isn’t available (such as after hours).

How Smartrak helps with non-powered asset tracking

Improved Utilisation

Vehicles shouldn’t be in car parks; they should be in use.

Fit for purpose

Ensure staff are using vehicles appropriate to their task.

Restrict unauthorised use

Improve your management and visibility to stop staff using vehicles without authorisation.

Pool Vehicle Management: The Shared Fleet Solution

Implementing a pool booking solution within your fleet ensures that you have greater control and visibility of your fleet’s use, enabling you to maximise vehicle utilisation. You will gain insights that take into account the many dimensions in fleet optimisation, including time of day, seasonality and location. It also encourages individuals to ‘ride share’ with others going to the same destination.

Pool vehicle management solutions provide your organisation with the tools required to maximise the value your fleet delivers, while minimising overheads.

Many fleet managers are unable to easily calculate peak demand and ideal fleet size. Using pool booking in combination with other reports can help provide clarity around vehicle availability and fleet size.

Smartrak’s customers have achieved up to 20% reductions in fleet size through fleet right-sizing and rationalisation. They’ve also been able to ‘right type’ their fleet, away from utility-focused vehicles to standard passenger vehicles across large portions of their fleet through the validation of ‘fit for purpose’ requirements. This saves further capital investment and ongoing inflated maintenance and operational costs.

Pool vehicle management solutions also ensure appropriate vehicles are selected for roles. This ensures that, for example, if a booking doesn’t require a utility vehicle and could be completed with a standard passenger vehicle, the more cost-effective passenger vehicle will be allocated.

This allocation of vehicles extends to authorised use. If an individual is not licensed for a particular vehicle or isn’t authorised to use vehicles between certain times, they won’t be able to book a vehicle. This will reduce unauthorised or currently unidentified vehicle use.

Case study - St Vincent's Health

Using Smartrak’s PoolCar Pool Booking solution in combination with our KeyMaster key management platform, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney was able to reduce it’s fleet by 13% within the first two years.

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