Fleet GPS Tracking Solutions

Empowering Your Organisation with Location-based Insights via GPS Tracking

Organisations that haven’t yet integrated GPS fleet tracking solutions and location-based insights into their operations are paying both financially and operationally.

Without fleet tracking solutions to provide accurate, up-to-date feedback on vehicle, asset, and staff locations you can’t manage your organisation’s operations to their highest efficiency.

Using GPS tracking data, your organisation can take advantage of the myriad productivity and financial benefits by optimising asset productivity and improving the safety and compliance of your staff and assets. With complete visibility of your people and assets, you’re able to take control of your field operations and incident response.

The increasing evolution of devices and technology surrounding GPS tracking and the ability to affordably manage a wider variety of assets is greater than ever before. The financial benefits of adopting a fleet tracking solution continues to grow; can you afford not to?

How Smartrak helps with Driver Safety

Improved asset visibility

Quickly and easily locate and track your team and assets on maps via GPS to streamline access and dispatch.

Understand your actual fleet use profile

Use GPS to track, record, and visualise your actual fleet profile to make informed decisions.

Improve asset theft recovery

Reduce downtime, insurance excess, and admin by streamlined GPS tracking and locating of assets.

GPS location-based safety solutions

Know where your lone workers are operating, and when they are in at risk or remote location.

Leveraging GPS tracking technology

GPS tracking has become a hot topic in recent years as gaining a competitive advantage has become more important. Organisations are realising financial and operational benefits from GPS fleet tracking solutions. Smartrak’s customers are seeing a 5-10% reduction in fuel consumption across their fleets. Others are finding opportunities to make their fleets more efficient with 15-45% improvements in vehicle utilisation and 10% lower maintenance and repair costs.

Organisations are also better able to protect their staff. They can locate their staff in the event of an emergency and be alerted if they move into an area with poor communication/coverage or in a high-risk zone. Smartrak customers have used GPS fleet tracking solutions and geofences (leveraging GPS-based vehicle and personal safety devices) to ensure staff operating near hazards, such as active bushfires or earthquakes, were directed away to safety.

Case Study - Meridian Energy

Using Smartrak Meridian Energy were able to identify their fleet’s real use profile, which supported the business case for integrating EVs into the fleet.

Accuracy you can rely on

Smartrak's driver behaviour reporting is based upon the data from our class-leading GPS tracking solution. GPS is a very mature technology, and Smartrak has developed methodologies to provide the most accurate and reliable data. 

Smartrak's AVL GPS velocity data is incredibly precise, with accuracy to 0.36km/h, and data sampling to ensure no any false data is removed from our sampling when reporting.

Using Smartrak's precise records, your fleet data will be more granular and accurate, providing you the confidence and assurance in your fleet decisions and reporting.
  • "GPS does one of the big things Smartrak tells me all the time, which is you can reduce your fleet, reduce your capital, or operating cost."
    Nick Robilliard

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