Whether you are implementing Smartrak for the first time, or you have just joined an organisation who is using Smartrak, our training services can bring you up to speed in no time.
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Train to become a smartrak expert

Our training programmes are delivered either online or in person, in either a compact half-day or full day session.

Training is for System Administrators (Level 1 Support staff) only and covers all aspects of the system and is ideal for train-the-trainer, where your administrators become system gurus to train and help staff in your organisation.

Onsite training

Our most popular option, on-site training is where we come to your office and deliver either a half day or full day session. You may wish to have two half day sessions for users who have commitments and cannot make one of the sessions, or where training is required to be delivered at different sites.

Please contact us for a quote which will include training, travel and accommodation.
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Online training

As an alternative to on-site training, Smartrak can also deliver sessions from one hour to half a day using web/online video conferencing. This is increasingly becoming a popular option for staff who have just joined the organisation and will be supporting the administration of the system.

Please contact us for a quote and preferred dates/times.
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