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Fleet savings are your way to a better utilisation of budgets and resources

PoolCar is the ready-to-deploy solution that revolutionises vehicle pool and shared fleet management from day one. Discover the savings with a leaner, more efficient fleet, then build on PoolCar’s integrated functionality to drive operational and management benefits right across your organisation.
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Mobility Delivers Significant Cost Savings

Our integrated sharing economy technologies can help you reduce your fleet size by at least 10%, resulting in significant cost savings.

Downsize your vehicle fleet by 10% with no adverse affect on operations

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St Vincent's Fleet

150 vehicles

400 users

Solutions Deployed


KeyMaster Cabinets


Streamlined management
24/7 fleet access
13% decrease in fleet size

Hear from our happy customers

  • It has been great to work with Smartrak, from the initial contact and system demo through to customising the end product. The team have been exceptional and assisted us throughout the project.
    Felicity Wall
    Technical Services Manager
    Central Land Council, Australia
  • Smartrak’s Mobility platform delivered more than we could have hope for. 

    We should have done this a lot sooner.
    Bob Morris
    Transport & Fleet Manager
    St Vincent's Health, Sydney

PoolCar will transform your pool vehicle or car sharing operation

PoolCar has been the dependable system to manage, monitor and book vehicles and other assets for over eight years. Helping organisations move away from inefficient paper-based processes, to an integrated solution that takes the headache out of vehicle management, allowing greater visibility of your shared fleet, dramatically improved use, and better accessibility for users.

This is an easy to use self-service solution, utilising online bookings, to reduce the administration burden, and drive fleet efficiencies that lead to leaner more cost-effective fleets.

PoolCar is the flexible, scalable solution that delivers so much more:

  • Capture travel requests and journey plans
  • Identify under-utilised assets
  • Encourage car pooling and other modes of transport
  • Suitable for managing almost any asset: mowers, trailers etc.
  • Customise templates to suit your requirements
  • Effortlessly capture information for cogent decision making
  • Manage WOF, RUC, ODO and FBT
  • Improve accountability and apportion responsibility
  • Allocate charges to driver cost centres
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KeyMaster key cabinet – a better way to manage keys!

KeyMaster seamlessly integrates with PoolCar to book and manage employee access to keys based on authorisation and time-based rules, avoiding the issue of staff taking the wrong keys, or unauthorised removal.

Keys are held in a secure key cabinet with functionality controlled via our online system. This simplifies and reduces the management requirement, improves vehicle allocation, and enhances key security.

With this system, driver authorisations and booking schedules for vehicles are centrally controlled, even when the cabinet is at a location that’s remote from head office, ensuring significantly improved oversight of vehicle use.
KeyMaster also features an on-board backup power supply, and mechanical override for continued use during power outages.

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Keyless Entry

A shared vehicle fleet that’s spread across multiple car parking lots or a large campus can result in wasted time and frustration, as users seek the keys to a particular vehicle, pick them up from a previous user or administrator, and then head out to wherever the vehicle is parked.

Keyless eliminates this problem by removing the need for keys. Users go straight to a booked vehicle, and simply use an RFID, building access card, or an authorisation code supplied via smartphone to access the vehicle. The vehicle keys are left inside the glove box, and an immobilisation function provides a second level of security.

Keyless integrates seamlessly with the PoolCar management system to significantly improve vehicle access efficiency, and reduce the administration time involved in managing keys for a dispersed fleet. This solution represents the future for shared fleets, and opens exciting opportunities for different departments or even organisations to efficiently share their vehicles.

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Considered going keyless?

Improve your fleet's utilisation

Get a clearer view of your fleet with Pool Booking. Gain the insights to right size/type your fleet, cut back on inefficient vehicle use, drive more efficient fleet activity and deliver a more agile, responsive service.

Ensure compliance

Ensure only authorised staff are using fleet vehicles, and control when vehicles can be used to eliminate unauthorised use.

Reduce administration burden

The Pool Booking system effectively reduces the administrative requirement in managing your fleet. Freeing up valuable staff resources for the work that really matters to your organisation.

Retrieve and allocate costs

Pool Booking accurately identifies vehicle users across a range of scenarios. Motor pool clients, and organisations with vehicle sharing operations can match reporting to their particular requirements, for easy and timely attribution of costs.

Streamline vehicle access

Integrated key cabinets that store, control access to, and dispense keys with no hands-on involvement from administrators. Keyless vehicle access that responds to a building’s swipe card or the code sent to a smartphone. These are the innovations revolutionising vehicle access.

Better fleet key management

Eliminate the time spent looking for vehicle keys, or running around trying to collect and return vehicles. Our secure key management solutions for pool vehicles and shared cars offer complete control, with 24-hour access.

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