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Smartrak’s comprehensive and scalable solutions are already delivering measurable benefits to customers in a wide range of industries; empowering fleet managers to make decisions that genuinely impact on productivity and safety.


The strategies, management, and technologies involved in transporting people from one location to another are changing the way workforces operate.

The shift in industry thinking from vehicle-centric management and movement as the primary objective, to a person-centric approach that recognises the mobility of people as the prime operational objective, is generating powerful changes across organisations.

Journey planning that drives maximum operational benefit from available resources, connectivity that ensures responsiveness and flexibility, and solutions that make every journey safer are moving centre stage in the considerations of managers.

This person-centric approach to mobility is already producing leaner fleets, as organisations leverage the shared economy, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), public transport, and sustainable transport options, such as bicycles. Through these changes, forward-thinking organisations are reducing operational costs, improving transport experiences, strategically balancing journey times against costs, and reducing their carbon footprints.

Shared Fleet Mobility

Many organisations seeking to run leaner fleets are turning to vehicle pools as the answer, but balancing capability with employee expectations isn’t always easy. Frustrated staff who find the vehicle best suited to their requirements already booked out, vehicles not returned at the expected time, or they recieve last-minute requests for transport that the system can’t respond to. All of these serve to reduce employee satisfaction.

What you need is a solution for pool fleet management that delivers improved user satisfaction alongside the operational and economic benefits you’ve been promised. You want technology that delivers:

  • Vehicle selection clarity that ensures the right vehicle for the right journey.
  • Simpler, more responsive booking procedures.
  • More accurate scheduling and reservation processes.
  • Quicker access to vehicles for workers in a hurry.
  • Shared visibility of vehicle availability to reduce conflicting demands.

Smartrak’s technologies for improved journey experiences are the Integrated pool vehicle management solution you are looking for.

Smartrak proactively matches vehicle type to use, ensuring that vehicles required for particular tasks are more likely to be available.

The solution for improving the way your workforce interacts with and benefits from a pool vehicle solution is here, ensuring that drivers and management derive the benefits from a smarter approach to mobility.

Pool Booking
Smartrak’s Pool Booking provides a platform to manage, monitor and book your fleet’s shared vehicles and assets.

Pool Booking
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An electronic key cabinet which conveniently centralises the storage and management of your pool vehicle or asset keys.

KeyMaster Cabinet
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Keyless Vehicle Entry
Providing your fleet with the ability to lock and unlock your vehicles using a smartphone, RFID or building access card.

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Efficient Transport Access

Transport solutions that make travel easier for employees while reducing the management burden are increasingly in demand as organisations look for better ways to get their people from A to B. Paired with the more efficient operation of transport modes, comes the requirement for streamlined access to them. A journey doesn’t begin with the unlocking of a vehicle, but rather the moment a staff member leaves their workstation.

Consider the time it takes for staff to access keys and locate vehicles after they make their bookings. You want technology that supports and streamlines this workflow for a truly wholistic look at efficient fleets and successful employee mobility:

  • Managed key access
  • Remote key cabinet locations to minimise time-to-key
  • Remote access and unlocking of vehicles using mobile phones or RFID staff cards
  • Quicker access to vehicles for workers in a hurry.

Smartrak RFID technology simplifies the process of starting journeys, by removing the need to go and find a vehicle’s keys – they are already in the glove box. Smartphone Apps enable online bookings and display any similar bookings so staff have the opportunity to carshare.

Secure key cabinets that no longer need to be kept in the head office are instead controlled online, with digital authorisations that speed up the process for drivers and reduce the administrative workload.

Returning valuable time to your mobile workforce by removing the barriers to transport access is easier than ever before. Start your organisation on the mobility journey.


More efficient journeys

Transport solutions that make travel easier for employees while reducing the management burden are increasingly in demand as organisations look for better ways to get their people from A to B. And the first stage on that journey depends on gaining access to the information that facilitates the kind of decision making that leads to break-through ideas.

Insightful analysis of your employee’s current travel experiences will open up opportunities that you may not have immediately considered, bringing new ideas to your quest for a better solution. For instance, instituting a shared fleet could be the beginning of a process that eventually leads to sharing vehicles with other organisations via an integrated management solution, which is a route that’s been taken by some companies in their pursuit of a leaner transport solution.

Similarly, peak time identification may illustrate that Uber or a similar solution is preferable to adding another vehicle to your fleet, with the financial and operational fundamentals to support that decision provided through clear Smartrak analysis and reporting.

Using Smartrak’s solutions to identify factors such as peak demand, vehicle/journey type, and your organisation’s transport costs, will provide the information to plan a strategy for transporting your people that takes full advantage of available technologies.

A fully integrated vehicle transport solution will highlight who needs transporting, where, how and when. With these insights, decisions can then be made about journey planning that takes into account task scheduling, transport-type allocation, route planning, time keeping, and more.

Smartrak analyses all of these factors to illustrate ways that employees can enjoy easier, quicker and more efficient solutions.



  • Streamline data sharing between systems
  • Reduce manual administration
  • Turn stand-alone data into actionable information

Smartrak offers a robust API suite to our customers’ to support their integration needs. APIs support our customers reporting and data management by ensuring you are getting the data you need in one place, both from Smartrak and any other business systems you might have.

Use your own data and the wealth of data produced in Smartrak to develop the insights and greater understanding of how your organisation is operating. Identify opportunities for improvements and create more optimised workflows.


APIs help integrate and automate valuable Smartrak data into your business’s software, providing an end to end integration solution.

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Leverage your data and business intelligence to effectively monitor and report based off your business needs

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Insights is an interactive reporting suite that aggregates your Smartrak data into easy-to-read analytics.

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Reporting and Analytics

Take the guesswork out of fleet management, and let the insights provided by Smartrak reveal the operational details you need for effective decision making.

Our reporting suite aggregates your Smartrak data into easy-to-read analytics, with reports that help you build a 360˚ view of your fleet. Use the information gained to maximise fleet utilisation, identify inefficiencies, reduce fuel costs and improve fleet safety. With this solution, Smartrak takes manual manipulation out of the equation, so you can get on with running your fleet.

We also understand that no two businesses are the same, and that you may need some customised reporting, in addition to our core reports. Smartrak’s Professional Services team can help you with this, by building bespoke reports that deliver the insights you require to be successful.


For more information on how the Mobility portfolio can be leveraged by your organisation, talk to a Smartrak expert

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