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Health and Safety Officer

Ensuring the health and safety of all your organisations staff
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Lone Worker And Health And Safety Solutions

All organisations are responsible for ensuring the safety of their staff, contractors and guests visiting their properties or worksites.

Visibility is a key challenge for many in charge of health and safety. With staff moving between offices and in the field, it’s difficult to keep up with where they are and their status.

Staff members responsible for organisational health and safety are proactively trying to reduce workplace accidents, provide a framework for communication and manage workplace risks.

On top of these responsibilities, they also need to keep up with, and understand, the requirements of new health and safety legislation and compliance requirements.

Existing health and safety solutions may not be the most efficient way to meet these demands.

How Smartrak helps Health and safety officers

Provide visibility of staff movements

Enable emergency notification protocols

Improve driver behaviour

Meet duty of care & legislative requirements

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Case Study - Meridian Energy

Using Smartrak Meridian Energy were able to identify their fleet’s real use profile, which supported the business case for integrating EVs into the fleet.

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