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Government organisations at the national, state, regional and local levels, as well as health and emergency services, are pushing to better serve their communities, manage operations, and keep their employees safe.
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Government departments are constantly required to do more with less

Public organisations face increased scrutiny and expenditure associated with managing compliance across their businesses. They and the public tend to hold these organisations to a higher standard for lone workers, safe driver initiatives, data security and auditing. Visibility and accountability are key to achieving these standards.
Greater need to do more with less
Service delivery takes place in the community
Staff spend significant periods travelling oustide the office 
Numerous risks that must be assessed and mitigated

How Smartrak helps government organisations

Smartrak solutions offer a wide range of benefits to Government organisations.


Keep up with legislative and functional compliance across all your systems. Smartrak provides a range of solutions to support your organisation’s obligations including lone worker safety, chain of responsibility, fringe benefits tax, and vehicle certification.


Maximise the use of your organisation’s assets to increase productive utilisation and identify underutilised or unnecessary assets.

Employee Safety

Ensure your organisation’s duty of care is being achieved and legislative compliance of health and safety solutions is met across your lone workers and fleet operations. Smartrak offers a range of lone worker solutions, driver behaviour insights, and vehicle maintenance help promote a safer, more supported workforce.

Broad Functionality

Smartrak offers a broad, integrated suite that is customisable to a range of organisations’ and teams’ requirements. This ensures a single tool has the features to be used cross-functionally throughout the organisation.

Integrated Platform

The integration of a unified fleet management and health and safety platform provides organisations with the unique opportunity to implement a common system that allows the visualisation of all your organisation’s staff and assets.

Reputation Risk

Public sector organisations are held to high standards by the community. It’s vitally important that your staff represent you positively; ensuring your assets are used appropriately and safely. Equally, you want to assist employees to improve their driving while defending them against false or misleading accusations.

Start doing more with less

Learn how government organisations use Smartrak to support the saftey and welfare of employees while serving the community.
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