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Driver behaviour

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Making sure that employees are safe is a mix of understanding the legislative requirements that you are working under, and the day-to-day realities of an environment where risk is an ever-present factor.
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Educating and empowering every employee to be a safer workplace champion

As a Health and Safety manager, your responsibilities spring from the twin tasks of regulatory and operational oversight. Making sure that employees are safe is a mix of understanding the legislative requirements that you are working under, and the day-to-day realities of an environment where risk is an ever-present factor. Whether your organisation employs people to supply services in suburban streets, or lone workers in remote locations far from help, it’s your position in the management team to anticipate and reduce those risks.

In our work with hundreds of organisations, Smartrak has seen the challenges that Health and Safety Managers face in ensuring safer working practices and environments, and through those partnerships has developed solutions that address both regulatory requirement and workplace reality.

Achieving this depends on a comprehensive solution that includes the application of the right technology and processes, and the development of a safer working culture, so that co-workers share the responsibility for keeping each other safe.

You can’t be everywhere. health and safety is everyone’s responsibility

Having access to data that illustrates issues such as unsafe driving highlights the problem and supports standards setting, so that all of your organisation’s drivers understand that they have a personal responsibility to develop safer driving habits. Doing this helps to generate the changes in attitude that support sustainable and far-reaching safety benefits, and the evidence to bring about this change of mind-set can only be collected through vehicle tracking; it’s the next best thing to you being in the passenger seat alongside each driver.

The same is true for lone workers when they are away from the vehicle. Solutions that provide personal assurance through sophisticated alert and duress technologies become the virtual scheduler or team manager that’s always with them. When a lone worker has a fall on a lonely track far from base, or an angry member of the public is venting their frustration, it’s the dependability of a communications and alert solution that will close that gap between manager and worker.

Through initiatives like these, Smartrak helps you to build an encompassing health and safety solution the enrols everyone in a safer operational culture. These are solutions that support analysis, mentoring and applicable safety procedures that empower every employee with the tools and knowledge to be a safer workplace champion. An integrated Health and Safety solution that takes into account culture as well as legislation is the only way to ensure wisdom-sharing that reaches beyond your office.

Which lone worker solution is right for your organisation?

lone worker safety

  • Personal tracking for workers in remote locations
  • Dependable remote worker support when outside of cellular range
  • Workers that feel safer when visiting customers
Smartrak offers a broad portfolio of personal safety devices to support people in a range of environments and scenarios; from low risk to high risk. These solutions connect remote staff with support services either in-house or via 3rd party security monitoring centres, for immediate response in an emergency.

Staff who are driving or operating off-site in urban or rural environments are often considered to be lone, remote, or isolated workers. Equipping these workers with personal safety devices means that managers can be alerted in cases of duress. Personal safety devices also ensure workers in duress can be located, ensuring that your organisation’s duty of care responsibilities are being met.

Lone Worker Safety - Frontline Safety

Frontline staff are the face of your organisation, operating in roles that often have regular contact with the public. These staff are often overlooked as ‘lone workers’, and yet, they face many of the same issues. They may be working on company property, or travelling and working in urban and regional environments with few direct environmental risks, but they face risks none-the-less. Disgruntled members of the public, stray animals, and vehicle accidents are all common examples of the everyday workplace risks that need to be addressed.

In situations such as this, the provision of an unobtrusive personal safety solution can provide valuable support to the lone worker, and welcome confidence as they go about their duties.

Personal Locator

Provides core personal safety support via GPS tracking of the device’s location and a dedicated manually triggered duress button.
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Mini PL

The Mini PL provides discrete personal safety to staff operating in at risk roles.
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Spot Gen4

The go-to device for supporting field staff when they are outside cellular coverage.
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Lone Worker Safety - High Risk Safety

Workers in roles that face elevated risks on a regular basis, require personal safety devices that will support them with additional functionality. Man-down alerts are a key feature of such a solution, ensuring that workers in high risk roles are constantly monitored and their condition automatically updated should they become incapacitated.

Staff in these roles are also primarily operating as lone workers without support, so dependable communications become increasingly important to ensure they can check in and provide updates of their status. Smartrak has solutions to ensure this, with cellular and satellite options available.

InReach 66i

The InReach 66i extends lone worker support into remote areas where cell phones don’t work.
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Protector Pro

Designed for individuals often working alone in high risk environments where multiple forms of duress are beneficial.
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Lone Worker Safety – Specialist Environment Safety

Not all staff work in ideal conditions. Volatile environments, rain, dust, and rough operating conditions demand solutions that continue to operate irrespective of the environment. Staff using specialist environment safety devices in these situations require solutions that meet the rigours of the conditions, both in durability, and in the standard of the features they offer.

If you require devices that are Intrinsically Safe, or can handle the challenges of remote, outdoor work, look no further.

Protector EX

Supporting welfare of staff in the field who operate in volatile, high-risk environments such as gas refineries, mines, farms and chemical storage facilities.
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The Shout provides a range of alert-based features to protect lone workers.
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Lone Worker Safety – Vehicle-Based Safety

Managing the safety of staff doesn’t always require the provision of devices on a one-to-one basis. Often, staff will be operating in or nearby vehicles. In these situations, vehicle-based safety is a viable and flexible solution that leverages in-vehicle tracking via an AVL, and supplements it with added duress functionality. Vehicle-based safety that takes advantage of an existing AVL installation can be configured for cellular and/or satellite coverage.

Smartrak’s vehicle-based solutions also include alerts in the event of a high-impact collision, or if the vehicle rolls over. In these situations management will be notified by the vehicle’s on-board systems, even if the driver is incapacitated and unable to raise an alarm.

Emergency Dash Switch

When your staff are driving they can covertly activate duress if they become uncomfortable or concerned for their safety.
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Duress Pendant

Many workers operating in remote areas will stay in close proximity of their vehicle. The Duress Pendant ensures even when outside their vehicle, your staff continue to be protected.
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High Impact and Rollover

Detect and report when a vehicle is in a collision or rolls over, providing customers with the ability to maximise their response, either managed internally or via a third-party monitoring company.
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Driver Behaviour

- Improved driver compliance with safe driving expectations
- Speed monitoring

Smartrak’s solutions provide a wealth of information, so managers can identify unsafe driving behaviours and institute driver education programmes that will encourage safer behaviour and support a fleet-wide culture of safer driving. Through comprehensive reporting we are able to provide management with a complete picture of the situation surrounding speeding events, and also identify harsh driving behaviours around acceleration, braking and cornering.

By collecting this information, managers are empowered to identify driving behaviours that need improvement and institute processes to generate positive change. Several of our clients have instituted education initiatives that have successfully brought about a safer driving culture, without resorting to naming individuals, and Smartrak would be happy to share these learnings with you.

Smartrak can also provide valuable in-cab information to drivers, to provide alerts on unsafe lane changing, tailgating and upcoming road speed changes.

Driver Identification

Better manage your resources from a safety, job allocation and driver behaviour perspective.
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Speed Monitoring

Speed Monitoring will support real-time conversations and responses to poor driver behaviour, leading to driver education initiatives and a safer driving culture.
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Real-time driver feedback

Smartrak has partnered with Garmin to provide our customers with excellent driver support solutions, which offer welcome on-road capabilities. Notifications of up-coming road changes, speed changes and other hazards are presented in a clear and timely way. Advanced active safety features such as lane departure warnings, tailgating notifications, and speeding alerts ensure drivers are actively managing and measuring their driving behaviour to ensure both proactive and post-event management takes place.

Garmin DriveSmart

Smartrak has partnered with Garmin to provide the DriveSmart device, fully integrated with the Smartrak map.
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Driver Identification

Better manage your resources from a safety, job allocation and driver behaviour perspective.

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Reporting and Analytics

Take the guesswork out of fleet management, and let the insights provided by Smartrak reveal the operational details you need for effective decision making.

Our reporting suite aggregates your Smartrak data into easy-to-read analytics, with reports that help you build a 360˚ view of your fleet. Use the information gained to maximise fleet utilisation, identify inefficiencies, reduce fuel costs and improve fleet safety. With this solution, Smartrak takes manual manipulation out of the equation, so you can get on with running your fleet.

We also understand that no two businesses are the same, and that you may need some customised reporting, in addition to our core reports. Smartrak’s Professional Services team can help you with this, by building bespoke reports that deliver the insights you require to be successful.


Leverage your data and business intelligence to effectively monitor and report based off your business needs
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Streamline data sharing between systems
Reduce manual administration

Turn stand-alone data into actionable information
Smartrak offers a robust API suite to our customers’ to support their integration needs. APIs support our customers reporting and data management by ensuring you are getting the data you need in one place, both from Smartrak and any other business systems you might have.

Use your own data and the wealth of data produced in Smartrak to develop the insights and greater understanding of how your organisation is operating. Identify opportunities for improvements and create more optimised workflows.


APIs help integrate and automate valuable Smartrak data into your business’s software, providing an end to end integration solution.
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