Key Management

There’s a better way to manage keys

Can any staff member walk up and take keys off a pegboard? Or do you have a staff member responsible for handing out keys?

If so it’s time to start thinking about modern key management solutions.


Ensure your keys are only accessed by authorised individuals, for the times when they’re authorised to take the keys and for the vehicles they are authorised and licenced to use. Secure storage and access.

Easy to access

Improve the accessibility of keys by ensuring they’re managed and stored in an easy to access manner. Staff pass and phone integrations available!

Get the correct key

Ensure the correct key is taken for a specific booking. Avoid confusion, lost keys, and reduced productivity due to unavailable vehicles and keys.

Booking integration

Integration with Smartrak’s PoolCar Pool Booking system ensures keys and vehicles are reserved, and only those with appropriate bookings can get the keys.


Know when and where your keys and vehicles where taken, and by who, including photos.

Reduce staffing

No longer is your fleet required to have a staff member dedicated to managing, distributing and chasing up keys.

Case study - st vincent's health

Using Smartrak’s PoolCar Pool Booking solution in combination with our KeyMaster key management platform, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney was able to reduce it’s fleet by 13% within the first two years.
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How Key Management Benefits Your Fleet

Smarter key management

There is much more to key management then just ensuring you have the keys available. Best practice key management ensures your keys are only accessed when authorised, by the authorised individual, and ensures they are appropriately licenced to use the vehicle they are accessing the keys for.

Traditionally, fleets have managed their keys through pinboards, mail slots or drawers full of keys, all managed and watched by a dedicated staff member. But there is a better way. Modern electronic key cabinets allow much greater control over access to your keys – and all without requiring a on-premise staff member to manage access across the day. And even more exciting is the evolution of keyless vehicle access, removing the need for centralised fleet key management solutions, instead providing access to your fleet vehicles using your phone.
By removing the staffing requirements of manning a key room, organisations can instead invest in the optimisation of their fleets. With the greater control and accountability that comes with a key management solution, vehicles are also more secure and less likely to be taken without appropriate oversight.

This oversight extends to the appropriate licencing of individuals accessing the keys for a vehicle. With the integration of a pool booking solution, the wider management of authorisation, licencing, timing and vehicle allocation is able to managed, improving the overall operation and utilisation of your fleet, and ensuring your have control over all your fleets movements.

Considered going keyless?

Everything you need to manage your keys!

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