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The insights provided by telematics can deliver benefits right across an organisation, with the data pathways generated reaching into a range of departments to facilitate cogent decision making across all management roles.

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Areas of critical interest to different departments, which used to be so distinct, are now merging and experiencing a rich transference of information that empowers the whole organisation.

This is the new operational environment, and companies that embrace that change are positioning themselves to reap the benefits of enterprise-wide digital integration.

Unfortunately for some organisations, devoting the time and resources to achieving that level of integration and data analysis is a challenge. While for others, there are unique operational problems that hamper the delivery of a complete solution. These could involve crews working in remote locations with no cell phone coverage, an inability to accurately judge asset use, or issues around transitioning from paper processes to a digital platform.

Smartrak’s Strategic Services is where our expertise can partner with you to solve these challenges.

We add value through targeted reporting that covers operational aspects of particular relevance to your organisation, and analysis that supports your critical business decision making. So you can concentrate on using the knowledge gained to run a more effective business.

Strategic Services can also help if your ideal solution involves an adaptation of one of our existing products, or we can be the partner to work with you on developing something new.

Access to dedicated, expert support, data analysis, and insight

Smartrak offers a rich source of information that can deliver real benefits to your organisation. But if you’re too busy with your other tasks how are you going to find the time to get the best out of Smartrak? Our Admin Support Service is the answer you are looking for. Services offered include:

  • A Smartrak expert to help you manage Smartrak
  • Pool booking and fleet management support
  • Vehicle service scheduling and compliance support
  • Expert analysis to ensure your Smartrak reporting delivers real business insight

With Smartrak’s Admin Support Service you choose the level of support you want for a fixed monthly charge.

Admin Support Services

Smartrak offers a rich source of information that can deliver real benefits to your organisation.
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Professional Services

Customise Smartrak’s out-of-the-box capabilities to support your business’s requirements
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Create truly tailored solutions

Every organisation is different and sometimes there is a requirement for specific reporting functions that reflect a particular business need. Smartrak is adept at responding to these requirements for customisation and can configure suitable solutions, usually by tailoring an existing capability.

Participate in new product development opportunities

Smartrak is an advocate of proactively partnering with our customers, to unearth the insights they can bring to product development and to ensure that real-world applications are a governing principle of our solutions.

Both Smartrak and the organisations that partner with us on these development programmes find the process and the outcomes rewarding. It is through initiatives that we gain an in-depth understanding of the challenges that different industry sectors face, and the best way we can help address them.

If you have identified a requirement that you believe telematics is able to meet, or you would like to know more about the programmes currently under development by Smartrak, please contact us.


Partner with Smartrak in creating new roadmaps and products to support your future growth.
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