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Combine an innovation culture with the real-world experiences of people at the sharp end of fleet management and you get the solution you’ve been waiting for – Innovation that delivers applicable, proven benefits, whether you’re in the business of power poles or potholes.
Smartrak’s solutions have been tested and proven in demanding deployments throughout Australasia and North America, and we’re proud to say that our customers have witnessed greater productivity, enhanced safety, improved operational flexibility and reduced management workload with every solution we’ve implemented.

On-the-ground experience and innovative thinking – that’s real solution building.

When wheels or tracks are turning, we’re in the cab, evaluating how workers actually use the technology. When managers are sifting through stacks of paper forms, we’re sharing their desk, looking for the information streams that will become your digitally integrated platform. When nature throws hurricanes and firestorms we’re guiding workers to safety and lining up the assets to rebuild.
These are some of the reasons why we are confident we are the leaders in industries served by our portfolios.

Smartrak is known within the government, utilities, healthcare, education, and emergency services sectors for its ability to use its business intelligence expertise to uncover key metrics.  We understand that the true productive use of your most valued assets is critical to your success.  Our world-class asset and safety monitoring solutions enable us to capture these metrics and transform them into actionable insights.

Our solution is a highly configurable SaaS (software as a service) platform that can be tailored to our customer’s needs.  Additionally, we have professional services and business intelligence expertise which allows us to further customise the solution to leverage the unique requirements and insights of individual organisations.

Our Purpose

Creating positive change
through innovations that
connect, inform, and protect.

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