A sneak peek at the future of pool booking

Smartrak’s upcoming release of a new user experience for PoolCar provides the support Fleet Managers are looking for as they position their fleets for new challenges and opportunities.

Effective and integrated support for fleet management policies will be seamlessly integrated into the booking process, ensuring vehicle selection is aligned to operational goals.

The future for vehicle booking will support your operational goals by proactively engaging in the booking process. Vehicle lease health criteria, maximising under-utilised vehicles, and supporting your emissions reduction strategies can all be automatically applied criteria in presenting vehicles to bookers.

Simplified user experience. Modern design

Your vehicle users will enjoy an experience that’s simpler to use and follows modern design principles, improving usability and reducing the need for hands-on support; you'll be able to focus more on more important tasks.

The other flow-on benefit is that the new design forces users to adhere to the booking principles set out by your organisation. It eliminates the possibility of staff using workarounds to book a preferred vehicle. Instead, they are allocated the vehicle best aligns with your organisation's fleet requirements and strategy.

A core element in the solution is a mandatory destination field on the booking page. This builds on the information PoolCar is already collecting to deliver improved policy adherence and a deeper understanding of vehicle use.

Sustainability goals will be supported by presenting bookers with EVs and low-emission vehicles first. Plus, the accurate distance data that’s captured and calculated will inform EV adoption viability.

Fleet visibility will be improved through a solution that accurately captures journey destinations. This would previously only be possible with tracking units deployed.

Employee safety will be improved by a solution that recognises high-risk destinations and includes appropriate warnings or prompts in the booking interface. This could involve notes on the destination, recommendations regarding safety equipment or if passes need to be arranged.

Journey trend identification will be a reporting gain with accurate identification of journey destinations from every booking.

A clear picture on utilisation through accurate reporting on kilometers travelled, destination and duration of booking will support your efforts to improve utilisation.

Look out for our ‘First-touch’ solution release

We are keen to ensure this solution reflects our commitment to a streamlined and easy booking experience. That’s why we are releasing a ‘first-touch’ example of the new booking interface, so we can get feedback from existing PoolCar users. This version of the solution only offers limited functionality and will not result in an actual booking being completed but is a good indication of our intuitive approach to the user experience.

If you're interested to learn more about the future of our mobility solutions, feel free to get in touch with us via the form below.

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