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Hamilton, New Zealand, September 22, 2021 – Smartrak’s Emissions Report enables organisations to accurately measure the Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) emitted by fleet vehicles, producing an automated report that meets international standards for emissions reporting. This is a timely development as organisations in both public and private sectors seek ways to track and reduce fleet emissions.

Australia and New Zealand share similar challenges in tackling emissions. Both countries have struggled to shift their populations towards a more sustainable transport model, which has led to transportation being one of the major contributors to emissions on both sides of the Tasman.

In New Zealand, transportation is the second largest source of GHGs. In Australia, it ranks third, but has grown as percentage of the total faster than any other cause.

The New Zealand Government’s declaration of a Climate Change Emergency in 2020 included requirements for all public sector fleets to adopt electric vehicles where possible and an expectation that government departments start measuring and reporting on their GHG emissions by 2025.

This was the catalyst for Smartrak to launch an innovative and timely emissions reporting project. “We could see that fleets were a prime target for change,” says Smartrak’s Vice President of Product, Steve Harcourt. “They are the largest contributor to emissions for most organisations. Thanks to our leadership in vehicle tracking and reporting we are well positioned to deliver a solution.”

With the goal set, Smartrak now had to ensure that any reporting produced was accurate and that delivering that information didn’t entail an onerous administrative burden for their customers. To provide accurate automated reporting, Smartrak turned to the extensive integration the company’s technology already enjoys with the New Zealand Transport Authority.

Steve Harcourt explains: “We’ve leveraged our integration with the NZTA to identify vehicle makes and models. With a clear understanding of the vehicle model in hand, and the utilisation data of those vehicles thanks to our telematics data, we’ve then been able to calculate the emissions across our customers’ fleets. Our customers don’t need to do any of the hard work; they simply pick a date range, and our Emissions report calculates everything.”

Smartrak’s emissions report has been designed in accordance with ISO 14064-1:2018 and the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard. This ensures Smartrak’s customers will be prepared for any potential emissions disclosure requirements they have into the future.

As the report currently utilises data from the NZTA, Smartrak’s Australian customers won’t be able to take advantage of this report upon launch. However, Steve Harcourt says that his team is looking at similar solutions to create a seamless reporting experience across the Tasman.

“We’re looking at a number of different ways to identify and match up our Australian customer vehicles with their respective emissions levels to facilitate an automated experience like we’ve been able to deliver for our New Zealand customers. We know there is demand in Australia for emissions data, and as the report is designed with ISO 14064-1:2018 in mind, the report output is applicable to Australian businesses as well.”

Organisations with a keen sense of their customers’ expectations are already working to ensure their sustainability credentials are up to scrutiny by the public. By enabling them to measure their GHG emissions using international reporting standards, Smartrak is ensuring organisations have the data to make informed decisions on how to reduce their fleet GHGs.

Smartrak may not have come up with the GHG Protocol or the ISO rating, but by being the first to build an emissions reporting solution that embraces them they have taken a leadership position in a category that none of us can afford to ignore.

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