Devices alone aren't a health and safety solution

At Smartrak we are big advocates of health and safety solutions to help protect and provide support for your remote and lone workers - no matter what they do.

But our solution isn't to just put devices into staff hands. There is an integrated solution that encompasses everything from standardised protocols to 24/7 monitoring and automation of alerts and distress. We have built and perfected a single ecosystem which allows for management of all your safety devices, with multiple tiers of management and administration roles, to ensure privacy is appropriately maintained, but all staff are also appropriately managed and monitored.

Smartrak offers a variety of personal safety devices with a diverse feature set to ensure there is a product to match your organisation's and applications' requirements. With devices that operate across cellular networks, satellite networks and radio frequency to vehicles equipped with communications devices. Smartrak offers high-end risk management features including man-down fall detection and inactivity detection across select devices to provide you with a scope of tools to protect and support your staff.

So when you are looking at integrating a health and safety solution into your organisation, don't just look at the devices that are being put in place, but also the surrounding eco-system to manage, administrate and act upon the data being provided by these devices. You'll quickly see the value and the cost savings of a mature and established solution that takes a holistic approach to your workplace safety.

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