Visual Intelligence Suite

EyeQ Visual Intelligence Suite connects you with the insights you need to make smart business decisions.

We understand that you need to manage your vehicles and assets for maximum productivity and to ensure best practices for employee safety. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to succeed.  That’s why Smartrak spent more than 10 years building, innovating, and evolving EyeQ into the Visual Intelligence Suite that underpins our fleet, asset, and safety solutions.

EyeQ visualises all your assets and people in a single platform, highlighting key insights and events so you can take appropriate action in real-time.  It is the engine that drives Smartrak’s products and services by enabling and securing remote device connections, collecting data, and turning that data into actionable business insights.

Reporting and Integration
Visualisation and Alerts

Reporting and Integration

Actionable insights and reports are central to the EyeQ Visual Intelligence Suite. EyeQ provides the information required to make decisions for the effective management of your fleet, assets, and staff.  Customisations such as advanced reports and GIS layer imports provide options to tailor EyeQ to your organisation’s specific needs.  Further customisations and system integration is available through the use of the EyeQ API suite.

Visualisation and Alerts

Effectively manage your vehicles, assets and staff thanks to improved visibility of asset location and movement. The EyeQ map provides visual indications of where all your tracked assets are located, and how they are being used.  Key regions or spaces are easily monitored via geofences. The events bar provides an up-to-date feed of all activities and highlights alerts and duress events.

Integration for feeds of additional GIS layers on the map provides an overlay of organisational assets, site locations, live fire location, and other geospatial information to support real-time management of your fleet and achieve organisational efficiencies.

EyeQ provides multiple alert solutions including email, text, and in-system alerts. These alerts can be triggered via in-vehicle buttons, personal safety duress devices, high impact and rollover detection, and geofence alerts.

To help professionally monitor and manage alerts Smartrak has partnered with 3rd party 24/7 security monitoring services.  Specialist and reliable monitoring ensures the most comprehensive support system for your fleet and staff.


Effective management of your organisation’s fleet, assets, and staff starts with appropriate controls. EyeQ provides the flexibility and adaptability to suit the administration requirement of your organisation. No matter the size, you can effectively manage the visibility and privacy of your tracked assets and remote workers. Advanced multi-level user permissions provide full control of access and privacy across your organisation, ensuring only authorised staff have visibility within the system, and functionality is appropriately restricted.

Single Sign-On (SSO) with Auth0 provides large scale integration and access, cutting down on internal administration and training for staff, and streamlining the experience for end users.  It enhances security by automatically deactivating users who leave the organisation or updating access rights when their role changes.

Smartrak’s self-help portal provides expansive documentation to walk users through all the functionality of the system and address any questions they might have. The customer service desk allows customers to log issues and orders in a single location and track their progress.

For more information on how the EyeQ portfolio can be leveraged by your organisation, talk to a Smartrak expert