Smartrak Case Study

Kaipara District Council

Kaipara District Council uses Smartrak's solutions to unlock beter utilisation from their fleet. PoolCar and KeyMaster streamlined the process of managing vehicle keys, making it more efficient and reducing administrative workload. This enabled Council to allocate vehicles for specific tasks, ensuring optimal vehicle utilisation. It also enhanced security and accountability by providing a clear record of key access and vehicle usage.
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Key takeaways

Fleet Size

Kaipara District Council
35+ passenger vehicles
New Zealand
Kaipara District Council has been a Smartrak customer since 2017. The Council originally deployed Smartrak’s telematics solution along with InReach satellite-based personal communications and duress devices. In 2020, the Council decided to improve fleet utilisation by pooling their vehicles and managing the fleet using Smartrak’s PoolCar booking system and integrated KeyMaster key cabinets.


Improved utilisation of pool vehicles, reducing pressure to purchase additional vehicles
Improved vehicle access through integrated key management across three regional centres
Comprehensive reporting positioned the fleet to reduce emissions and adopt electric vehicles

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