Meridian Energy takes AfMA 2018/19 Fleet Environment Award

Fantastic news from the AfMA Fleet Management awards, with our customer Meridian Energy taking home the 2019 Fleet Environment Award! Please share with us in giving them a huge congratulations!

During their acceptance of the award, Meridian’s Procurement and Property Manager Nick Robilliard shared their learnings and thoughts shared their learnings and thoughts. "This journey of converting to electric is not only inevitable, it’s possible... and most importantly it is necessary if we are all going to reduce our carbon emissions in a meaningful way. I highly encourage you all to continue to explore how you can electrify whatever type of vehicles you operate as we transition to a low carbon economy."

Importantly Meridian Energy highlighted the importance of telematics in being able to undertake this journey stating, "our vehicle GPS which was literally the key to unlocking this journey to electric."

If you want to find out more about how Smartrak helped Meridian Energy in optimising and managing their fleet and their transition towards a greener, EV centric fleet, check out their case study on our website.

Using Smartrak Meridian Energy were able to identify their fleet's real use profile, which supported the business case for integrating EVs into the f

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