Shout 3G / Shout TW

Premium support for workers outside of cellular coverage

Satellite-based tracking and alerts for lone workers in high-risk situations
Satellite connectivity
Additional 3G connectivity (Shout 3G only)
Automated tracking
Two-way text messaging
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Two class-leading solutions for lone worker support

Looking for a robust and highly capable personal safety device to use in remote regions without cellular coverage? The Shout TW should be your first choice for a range of alert-based features that will support lone workers with complete confidence. With the ability to send and receive free text messages, communication can be maintained outside of cellular coverage, ensuring staff and their managers are kept up to date and the status of workers ascertained.

Lone workers can also store and send pre-defined messages and activate automatic tracking for accurate positioning throughout the day.

The durable design and waterproof and dustproof rating mean the Shout TW is well suited to harsh environments in the field and is typically seen in applications such as forestry work. This device is also EMC and SAR compliant. EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) denotes the device’s ability to function normally in the surrounding electromagnetic environment. SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) provides confidence the device meets electrical field expectations for safe cellular use.

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The best of both worlds

Do your lone workers frequently move in and out of cellular coverage and require improved overall coverage? The Shout 3G is a dual-mode personal safety device that provides a seamless transition between cellular and satellite for the most cost-effective monitoring and messaging in high-risk scenarios.

The Shout 3G provides absolute operational confidence. With an IP67 rating it’s dust and waterproof to withstand harsh environments and it’s designed with ultra-low power consumption in mind, to be a great companion for any lone worker.

Multiple communication and alert features include single-button emergency alert and check-in, and the ability to use predefined messages or create and send free text messages via touchscreen keyboards. The Shout 3G is also programmed to send a location report once every 10 minutes while on the move and once every hour when stationary.

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Product Features

Panic Alert button

The guarded Panic Alert Button reduces the chance of triggering an accidental alert while still being ready if needed.


The high-resolution colour touch screen and intuitive user interface ensure all functions are easily accessed.

Dual satellite and cellular (Shout 3G only)

Seamless transition between cellular and satellite for the most cost-effective monitoring and messaging in high-risk scenarios.

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