Announcing Smartrak's EV Fleet Management Guide

EVs are fast becoming an important feature of modern fleets. Especially when tackling reducing fleet emissions and operating costs. Thanks to the increasing range of EVs available and favourable government incentives, EV adoption rates have seen significant growth on both sides of the Tasman. The support ecosystem around EVs has also expanded with new charging providers and management solutions being released to the market with increasing momentum.

In fact, there’s been so much to consider, that Fleet Managers could be wondering how they sort through the growing roster of opportunities and challenges to make the best decisions.

Smartrak has been at the forefront of the EV wave. We’ve brought together the key lessons that will answer the questions you have about a range of EV topics. Our EV Fleet Management Guide is the how-to manual for successful EV adoption and essential reading for all Fleet Managers.

The Smartrak EV Fleet Management Guide covers the three areas that are critical to a successful EV transition:


Draw on the experiences of successful EV deployments to avoid the pitfalls and streamline the adoption process, from identifying the easy wins to bringing everyone along for the journey towards sustainable transportation.

Topics include assessing fleet composition, setting goals, and evaluating charging requirements.


Understand the technologies that will make adopting and managing your EVs easier. Engaging with these solutions early will deliver the insights to support your EV management capabilities and inform your decision-making.

Topics include the benefits of a test deployment and refining your charging strategy.


Learn how to gain visibility of key battery data and use it to maximise the utilisation of your EVs and support your EV charging investment. Topics include EV administration, tracking devices for EVs, and trip planning to build on your EV utilisation.

Extend your EV management capabilities with the essential EV resource for all Fleet Managers

The Smartrak EV Fleet Management Guide is packed with handy downloads and links to expand on your EV management capabilities. From breakdowns of government incentives, through to expert analysis of the cost savings you can expect with EVs.

Read the full guide or download the handy overview now.

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