The answer to making your EVs work harder is here

There are numerous obstacles on the road to fleet electrification. Keeping vehicles charged means that Fleet Managers need to be able to report on the current status of every EV in your fleet. While Smart chargers can do this while a vehicle is plugged in, it doesn’t provide a complete overview of every vehicle’s charge.

Then there is the impression that an EV isn’t going to work as hard as its petrol or diesel counterpart. We often hear customers say they don’t want an underperforming asset, especially when referring to perceived range and battery limitations.

Introducing EV Fleet Insights

The EV Fleet Insights tab is the next release of our Insights Reports. Powered by Nextrak, it allows you to view the real-time status of your entire EV fleet in a single graphical report. In an instant, understand each vehicle’s current charge , its predicted available range, and whether the vehicle is plugged in and charging.

Powered by Nextrak, this Insights Report is the missing link that streamlines the day-to-day management of a fleet of EVs. This is a step-up from simply relying on the data provided by smart chargers, as you’ll know the status of every vehicle in your fleet, regardless if they’re plugged or not.

Now you’ll be able to accurately prioritise vehicle charging. Instead of guessing which vehicle should be charged next or relying on inflexible charging schedules, the EV Fleet Insights Report will show you exactly which vehicle should be charged next. See which This is critical when managing a large fleet of EVs and often a handful of chargers.

The report gives you the flexibility to search for a specific vehicle by make or model, or alternatively drill down on a specific group of vehicles thanks to the report’s list filter.

The EV Fleet Insights report is available now to all Smartrak customers with Nextrak installed.

Are you ready to start gaining Insights into your EV Fleet? Get in touch below to schedule a Nextrak demo today.

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