Trip Planning heralds an exciting future for shared fleets

We're excited to announce that Trip Planning is now live for PoolCar customers.

With Trip Planning, Smartrak’s PoolCar customers can now take advantage of a modern shared fleet booking experience that sets the stage for sustainable fleet management.

As the focus for Smartrak’s ongoing shared-fleet innovations, Trip Planning benefits from a product development pathway that’s keeping our PoolCar vehicle booking solution at the forefront of UX/UI design, reporting, and emissions reduction.

Trip Planning offers more intuitive and simplified booking processes that aligns with modern UX and UI sensibilities.

A modern approach to pool booking

Trip Planning's improved user experience is simple to use, laying the groundwork to ensure that users adhere to your organisation's fleet goals. Rather than choosing a vehicle based on personal preference, Trip Planning prompts users to choose from a selection of available vehicles that best align with user requirements and your organisation’s chosen fleet strategy.

And if you have EVs equipped with Nextrak, Trip Planning eliminates end-user range anxiety by displaying each EV's current charge and predicted range.

Trip Planning features

The new Trip Planning booking experience offers the following features:

Modern Booking Interface – Users can enter their departure location (a pool) and destination on a map, providing a visual and intuitive approach to vehicle booking.

Date and Time Selection – Allows users to specify their departure and return dates and times, facilitating precise scheduling of vehicle usage.

Search Filters – Users have the option to apply various filters to narrow down their search results, making the selection process more efficient.

Mandatory Field Selection – This ensures users must fill in all mandatory fields, ensuring all necessary information is captured at the time of booking.

Battery Range Data – For vehicles equipped with Nextrak, the display will show battery range data, which includes the current charge level and the vehicle's maximum range.

Cost Centre and Project Code – Users can select a cost centre and project code if applicable, aiding in tracking and management of expenses related to vehicle use.

Personal Purpose Trip Option – There is an option to indicate if the trip is for personal purposes, offering flexibility in vehicle usage.

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