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Management of an organization’s fleet and assets is an expanding responsibility. With Fleet Managers often tasked with ensuring the smooth running and availability of the organization’s fleet, alongside minimizing costs, identifying new opportunities to save and meeting sustainability targets.

The breadth of assets under the control of Fleet Managers has also changed, as  plant and machinery have joined vehicles in making up diverse fleets encompassing very different operational uses.

With more to do than ever before, prioritization and time management are centre stage. The increasing need for fleet data and visibility, while battling tightening budgets, is driving the need to implement systems that help Fleet Mangers effectively manage their responsibilities and support others with insights.

Reduce costs

Understand your fleet’s usage and efficiency

Maintain your fleet and maximize lifetime asset value

Manage and maximize shared fleet use

Maximize control, security and visibility of assets

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Fleet management is becoming an increasingly complex function. Its scope has extended beyond the management of vehicles, their costs, procurement, maintenance, and suitability to become strategic asset management.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS), evolving technology solutions (particularly for electric vehicles), and environmental sustainability are now part of fleet management’s purview.

A more sophisticated solution is required to manage this complexity efficiently and effectively. Spreadsheets and paperwork are no longer viable tools for effective management.

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Case Study – Meridian Energy

Using Smartrak Meridian Energy were able to identify their fleet’s real use profile, which supported the business case for integrating EVs into the fleet.

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