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No matter whether you’re looking to make your fleet more efficient, improve it’s mobility, or keep your staff safe, Smartrak offers a comprehensive platform that allows you to manage it all in the one place.

What is your role?

Fleet Manager

Responsible for the overall management of the organisation’s fleet and assets. Ensuring smooth running and availability, whilst minimising costs and finding organisational savings.

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Health and Safety Manager / HR & People

Keeping the organisation’s staff, contractors and guests safe while operating on an organisation’s worksites or remotely.

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Operations Manager

Managing the dispatching and operation of the field force. Responsible for management over both human capital and organisational assets.

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Plans and coordinates the work of the buyers and purchasing agents. Ensuring that their organisation secures the best value for products and services it purchases.

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Getting people from A to B

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Fleet Management
Managing your fleet and assets

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Health and Safety
Health and safety across your organisation

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Field Force
In-field tools and solutions

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Strategic Services
Unlocking your potential

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Our Portfolios

Smartrak has a diverse set of Portfolios to solve your organisational challenges. Explore our portfolios and their solutions to help understand how Smartrak can benefit your organisation, be it within mobility, fleet management, health and safety challenges, in-field operational efficiencies or something customised to suit your organisation.


Industry Specialists

Smartrak specialises in delivering industry specific solutions across the market. With years of partnership with some of the largest and most innovative organisations throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, we’ve tailored solutions to deliver the outcomes you want and need.

Find out more about how Smartrak enables industry players to achieve their competitive advantage and stay at the forefront of their sector.


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Explore the potential savings from leveraging the insights and data generated in Smartrak’s telematics platform via your connected fleet.

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GPS does one of the big things Smartrak tells me all the time, which is you can reduce your fleet, reduce your capital, or operating cost.
Nick Robilliard, Meridian Energy
Smartrak’s reporting, particularly the ability of the system to email suppliers of impending maintenance and service requirements, is excellent.
Wayne Hunt, Top Energy

Meridian Energy

Meridian Energy is New Zealand’s largest 100% renewable electricity generator, producing 35% of New Zealand’s electricity, and is also the fourth largest electricity retailer in the New Zealand market.

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reduction of carbon emissions

of fleet is now Electric Vehicles

“We’ve managed to remain cost neutral on the initial capital cost, whilst lowering operating costs across those assets; including the cost associated with managing all that, the downtime, and the scheduling in and out.”

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