Whether it’s a bug or you’re wanting to get the most out of your technology, Smartrak is here to support you.

You will have a resident expert within your company who has been trained by Smartrak so you can get the best from your solution. This Level 1 Support contact should be your first port of call.

Service Desk

Level 1 Support contacts at Smartrak customers can contact our Customer Experience team through the Service Desk. Whether it’s a bug, help or guidance on how to complete a task or you wish to order more hardware. The service desk is the correct place.

Access Smartrak Customer Service Desk

PoolCar Customer? Access the support portal below.

Access PoolCar Customer Service Desk

Not a Level 1 Support Contact?

If you need support in using the system or gaining access, please contact your Level 1 Support contact internally. If you’re unsure who that is or are unable to gain access to the system, you can submit an enquiry at the below contact form: