Revolutionising EV Fleet Technology: A Conversation with Griffith University

At the end 2023, Smartrak embarked on an initiative to further develop its EV enablement fleet management solutions and emphasise their commitment to customer-driven innovation. This led to the formation of a Special Interest Group (SIG), comprising of some of Australasia’s leaders in EV transition, including Griffith University, Aurecon Group and Meridian Energy. Together with Smartrak, their objective is to collaborate on the development of industry-leading software, making the integration and management of EVs within fleets seamless.

In this exclusive conversation, Smartrak sits down with SIG Member and Acting Manager of Parking, Traffic and Logistics at Griffith University, Mitchel Howard. They discuss the ground-breaking developments they’ve already been making together in the EV enablement space and highlight the distinct advantages of Smartrak’s solutions for the future of fleet. Keep reading to find out more.

Mitchel Howard Headshot
Mitchel Howard, (Acting) Manager - Parking, Traffic & Logistics, Griffith University

Q: As a customer who has already utilised Smartrak's Pool Booking solution, what motivated your decision to seek access to full-service EV telematics capabilities?

A: In 2024, Griffith University purchased 20 new electric vehicles for our pool vehicle fleet. As we develop our maturity journey in EV enablement, it is crucial to us to also have the tools that provide data and insights in line with our priorities. Smartrak’s EV enablement solution will help us attain data and reports on information such as: battery use, charging optimisation, emissions reporting, the savings due to increased EV use, and reporting on FBT.

Q: Could you elaborate on the specific advantages that Smartrak's EV enablement solution brings to your fleet management operations?

A: Smartrak’s EV enablement solution not only provides data and reporting that will assist Griffith University in effectively operating it’s EV Fleet, the new trip planner booking system in development is designed to encourage users to prioritise EV’s while also ensuring the needs of the trip or booking are met. By redesigning the way users interface with our vehicles, Smartrak is providing a platform that comprehensively redevelops the way Griffith University approaches it's pool vehicle use and can accelerate its maturity in EV enablement.

Q: How do you envision leveraging the insights and data provided by Smartrak's EV enablement solution to optimise your fleet's performance and productivity?

A: Smartrak’s trip planning experience, which is a new interface in PoolCar provides a platform for Griffith University's users to provide feedback on why they are potentially favouring internal combustion engine vehicles or are hesitant to use EVs. These insights will be critical for us as fleet managers, helping us to focus on challenge areas and make decisions in ways that provide support for our users. For example, providing more user education and training, reallocating our fleet or investing in infrastructure.

As we embrace the future of fleet management, it's clear that innovation is key to driving progress and sustainability. Smartrak’s EV enablement solutions represent a significant advance in managing EV fleets. By combining Smartrak’s EV telematics solution, Nextrak, with their integrated booking system, PoolCar, Fleet Managers can confidently navigate the transition to EVs, whilst ensuring a smooth and reliable EV experience for end users.

Take the next step towards future-proofing your fleet. Smartrak are eager to learn more about the electrification of your fleet and advise you where they can.

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