Understand your fleet’s utilisation

A 10% reduction in fleet size is just one of the outcomes from understanding vehicle utilisation

PoolCar provides the visibility you need for cogent decision making. With our booking system you will benefit from greater clarity about how your vehicles are being used and empowered with the insights for positive change.

Identify underutilised vehicles

PoolCar details exactly which vehicles are being used most often, with reporting that provides both the duration of the booking and the millage travelled during that time. With these insights, organisations can identify the hardworking vehicles in the fleet and those, possibly inherited assets, that no longer suit operational requirements.

Right vehicle, right trip

Identify whether the ‘popular’ vehicles are being used simply because someone likes to drive an SUV. PoolCar details the journey taken, the task involved and pinpoints whether that saloon in the car park would have been a more economical choice.

PoolCar will also support operational decision making. Such as whether taking a vehicle to a meeting or work site 10 minutes down the road and leaving it unused for the rest of the day was the best way to utilise resources. In this situation, PoolCar can be used to highlight an alternative mode of transport that’s more efficient and cheaper.

Accurately allocate costs

PoolCar lists bookings against cost centres, so you can track costs against projects or departments. With this level of visibility, it is possible to understand the real costs behind vehicle utilisation, from the hours the vehicle was in use, to fuel and even service costs.

Private versus business use

If the traditional ‘company car’ model of allocating guardianship over a vehicle to a particular person represents part of the reward package for an employee, bringing in PoolCar will be an excellent opportunity to refresh or restate policies around vehicles for personal use, and then track adherence. But if your organisation’s company car management model simply reflects an existing operational stance, PoolCar could be the way your fleet transitions to a shared vehicle operation. Shared fleets ensure that vehicles are used as much a possible by as many people in the organisation as is appropriate. In previous Pool car deployments this has inevitably led to fleet rationalisations and cost savings.

Identify unauthorised use

The PoolCar booking solution is a proven way to control unauthorised vehicle use, as bookings are controlled by the administrator’s permissions; either by stipulating what vehicles can be used for, the times they can be used, or who can use them.

Drive a more efficient fleet

Dramatically improved visibility about how vehicles are actually being used has highlighted operational and budgeting efficiencies with every deployment we’ve undertaken.

It’s a fact that manual processes, and an overburdened administrator will struggle to deliver the complete fleet utilisation awareness that comes from an easy to use, ready to deploy PoolCar solution.

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