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Understand and maximise vehicle utilisation
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Stop unauthorised vehicle use
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Reduce your fleet by 20% with PoolCar

Let PoolCar manage your fleet bookings so you and your team can focus on what matters.

Putting you back in control of your shared fleet

Managing a shared fleet can feel like a nightmare: booking forms, missing keys, late returns, double bookings. You’re constantly told that there are never enough vehicles, yet you know for a fact that there are several sitting idle in the car park right now. What should be straightforward turns into a monumental task, which results in missed meetings and extra administration hours for your team.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

PoolCar puts you firmly back in control, by automating the booking process and giving you the space to focus on what matters. It provides a single source of truth for your fleet’s availability, which can be accessed anywhere via any device. Capture everything you need at the time of booking, so that you and your organisation can streamline administration.

Goodbye manual booking administration. Hello PoolCar.
Key Features
  • Uncover your shared fleet's actual utilisation
  • Focus on what matters with automated bookings and approvals
  • Limit vehicle usage to approved employees only
  • Use utilisation data to reduce your fleet size while maintaining fleet coverage
  • Reduce administration by capturing all relevant information during booking

Our customers

Product Features

Shared EV management

Uncover the true potential of your shared EV fleet with PoolCar and Nextrak. Designed specifically to help organisations transition to more sustainable transportation PoolCar takes advantage of Nextrak’s real-time EV data to truly enable the electrification of your fleet.

For end-users, this means eliminating range anxiety by displaying the real-time status (battery percentage, charging status, and available range) of available EVs. It also means pre-trip notifications should the vehicle chosen for an upcoming be below a charge threshold. Book EVs with confidence whether it’s now or next week.
For Fleet Managers, it means simplifying the EV management process thanks to a dedicated EV Status Report. See exactly which vehicles are low and need to be charged, before heading to the car park.

Rethink pool booking with Trip Planning

Trip Planning is a modern end-user experience that ensures users adhere to your organisation's fleet goals. Rather than choosing a vehicle based on personal preference, Trip Planning instead prompts users to choose from a handful of available vehicles that best align with your chosen fleet strategy.
For example, if you are working to reduce fleet emissions, PoolCar will automatically search the available vehicles and offer a selection with the lowest emission profiles. If your EV fleet is equipped with Nextrak, any EV will also display live battery data to help eliminate range anxiety.

Uncover your fleet’s true utilisation

One of the challenges of managing a shared fleet is ensuring you have the right number of vehicles to service your employee’s trip requirements. This is often a tricky balancing act: too many vehicles and you’re wasting money on idle assets; too few cars and staff might miss meetings or have to rely on grey fleet or taxis.
PoolCar provides the data on your shared fleet’s actual utilisation. Instead of guessing or relying on anecdotes, you can start making informed decisions about the size, and makeup of your fleet. Ensure that you maximise every single dollar you spend. Let PoolCar help you right-size your fleet.
Advanced Functionality

Advanced Features

Key Management

Keys are the linchpin of your fleet. Ensure they’re secure and waiting for the next booking, and easily trace who last had them when they aren’t returned. Secure all your keys in one location with KeyMaster, or securely store them in each vehicle with Keyless Entry.

Access Groups

Split vehicles into separate pools and limit access to specific departments or cost centres. Ensure that mission critical assets are only ever taken by authorised employees.

Passenger Management

Encourage carpooling by inviting colleagues to be a passenger in your booking. Send calendar reminders so everyone stays on the same page.

Single Sign On

Streamline the login process even further, by implementing Single Sign On (SSO). PoolCar can be integrated with standard SSO options such as ADFS, AzureAD and SAML.

GPS Integration

Enhance your PoolCar experience with Smartrak’s telematics solutions. Report on each of your employee's driving behaviour and proactively educate staff. Track your odometer readings for FBT reporting, servicing, and registration reminders.

Ensure seamless vehicle access

Keyless Entry

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What our customers say

Stephen P.
Logistics & Fleet Operations Manager
Higher Education
"Poolcar is a great piece of technology to manage a large fleet spread over multiple locations with multi different users. Scheduling with locking and Unlocking the vehicles is a breeze with most new users having a WOW in disbelief we can unlock and lock a car remotely from 150kms away."
Izra B.
Government Administration
"PoolCar offers huge cost savings on vehicle fleet as a result of identifying efficiencies and removing costly vehicles."
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Real-World Success

Case study

Looking to understand how our solutions perform in the real world? We've put together a mini case study to highlight how our solutions help real-world customers. 


St Vincent's Health Australia


SVH implemented PoolCar and KeyMaster, and was able to significantly reduce the size of their fleet.

The Issue

SVH was manually managing a fleet of more than 150 vehicles for more than 400 individual users. This was primarily through paper-based booking and Excel spreadsheets. This process made it difficult to offer a booking system that offered 24/7 access to staff.

The Solution

PoolCar and KeyMaster were chosen because they would offer complete access to fleet vehicles, regardless of day or time. By enabling 24/7 access of vehicle keys, it streamlined the booking process, reducing both administrative overhead and costs.


SVH was able to use PoolCar’s utilisation data to identify underutilised vehicles. This provided an opportunity to right-size the fleet. Within two years of implementing PoolCar, SVH was able to reduce their fleet by 20 vehicles, representing a 13% decrease in fleet size. It also represented a significant saving in both fleet and administrative costs, while also freeing up significant staff hours.
“The software brings greater structure and discipline to the process of vehicle bookings, enabling us to better understand and manage booking requirements, identify patterns of vehicle usage, and manage all aspects of our vehicle costs.”


How much does PoolCar cost?

PoolCar is licensed on a per-vehicle subscription. This means that customers only pay for what they need.

What training is available with the system?

A person from your organisation is trained on the solution via online presentations and Zoom meetings. This person then trains others in your organisation.

If I have a problem is there a help desk?

Yes, Smartrak operates a customer service desk, which is manned during normal business hours.

What is the process for adding new vehicles to PoolCar?

Adding vehicles is easy. Just fill out the vehicle’s details on the Vehicle Register. Or you can bulk import a templated spreadsheet with multiple vehicles all at once.

Can we ask customised questions during bookings?

This is a simple process of customising your booking form. Examples of customised questions include Current Parking Location, Current Fuel Level, Any Vehicle Issues.

Can I use my PoolCar records for FBT reporting?

PoolCar has the necessary reports to create the logbook records needed to claim FBT. When integrated with telematics, PoolCar has been granted a Class Ruling for the use of FBT reporting by the Australian Tax Office.

We lease our vehicles. How can PoolCar help manage these?

PoolCar will track a leased vehicle’s use against the contract terms. PoolCar provides a health check on how these leases are tracking and automatically sorts vehicles based on the lease health of each vehicle.

Can I restrict access to some of my vehicles that are only for specialised use?

PoolCar’s Access Groups feature can restrict access to vehicles. Access Groups places ‘partition walls’ between groups of users and the vehicles they can access. Vehicles are assigned to Access Groups individually or on a group basis. To get access, users must be assigned to the Access Groups either individually or by defined rules. You can specify which cost centres or departments can book a subset of vehicles.

How are system updates implemented?

PoolCar is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product that is hosted in the Cloud. This means all updates occur automatically.

What does PoolCar do on behalf of the fleet administrators to save them time?

PoolCar has a number of automatic tasks that perform admin functions on behalf of fleet administrators. These include: No-Show robot: Automatically cancels bookings that have not been checked out promptly after their start time Reallocation robot: Automatically reallocates a booking to a different, available vehicle if the previous booking is overdue and the vehicle is at risk of not being ready. Reminder robots: Send an alert to the administrator for vehicle servicing, driver license expirations and registration expirations.
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