The Garmin 790 can notify drivers of upcoming changed conditions, such as schools, dangerous roads, changes in speed zones and a variety of other common location-based information.
These notifications are designed to help drivers adjust their driving behaviour by considering both seen and unseen conditions. However, these common points of interest are only part of the information that is relevant to your drivers. There may be location-based information that is specific to your company or industry that is important for the driver to be aware of. For example, an employee may be unaware that the location they are visiting has been deemed unsafe. This is where the Proximity Alerts for Points of Interest can be useful.
A Point of Interest (POI) is a labelled geographical location that can be displayed on the map application on the Garmin 790. These POI can be uploaded to the device using Garmin’s POILoader software (
Each POI can have a proximity associated with it. This will determine the area surrounding the POI location in which to generate an alert on the Garmin to display to the driver.

What Proximity Alert POIs look like on the device

When the Map application is active on the device and the device comes within the specified alert distance, a warning sounds and the screen show the specific POI.


How to add custom Points of Interest to the Garmin 790

1.Download and install the POILoader application for Windows from Garmin’s website:

2.Convert your POI information into a csv in the following format:
Longitude, Latitude, Title, Comment
For example:
175.306080,-37.774987,Danger Zone 1,
175.310477,-37.775515,Danger Zone 2,
175.311241,-37.780372,Danger Zone 3,

3. Ensure that your Garmin 790 is connected to your computer via the micro-USB port.

4. Run the POILoader application and run through the wizard selecting your Garmin device until you see the following step:

Make sure you select ‘Manual’ mode so you can manually specify the alert distance.

5. In the next screen, choose option to specify that this file contains alert points and specify the desired distance.

6. Progress through the rest of the wizard to complete the POI upload process.

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