Discover a better way to manage pool vehicles in less than ten minutes

Smartrak’s PoolCar is renowned for being an easy to adopt, turnkey solution that dramatically improves motor pools and shared vehicle fleets.

Watch our short demonstration video to find out how your organisation can also achieve these transformative results.

  • Reduce the administration time it takes to manage your vehicles, and eliminate time-consuming paperwork, freeing up resources to concentrate on core business activities.
  • Speed up and simplify the vehicle booking process with online booking.
  • Integrate an automated and proven key management system.
  • Improve fleet utilisation with corresponding reductions in fleet size (PoolCar has consistently delivered reductions of at least 10% in fleet size).

PoolCar is the proven motor pool and shared vehicle solution for government, healthcare, education, corporate, and community fleets. Our solution is in service with thousands of vehicles across the USA and Asia-Pacific.

Watch our demonstration video and discover for yourself why a solution that is so easy to deploy and use is also the smartest choice for your fleet.

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