Driver Identification

Vehicles in a fleet are often driven by different drivers, according to the driver, vehicle type and vehicle availability. To better manage your resources from a safety, job allocation and driver behaviour perspective it’s valuable to know who is or was driving a shared vehicle. In addition, adding the capability to identify a driver of a vehicle enhances reporting and turns data into more meaningful and actionable information.

Driver Identification

Depending on your requirements, Smartrak offers three different ways to identify who is driving at a given time


The iButton is a compact, durable and waterproof stainless-steel device comprising of two components: the reader and the fob.  The components are allocated in Smartrak to a vehicle and an employee.  This allocation facilitates the driver identification process.

The reader is wired to the vehicle and the iButton fob is carried by the employee.  The fob is small enough to easily attach to a key ring and includes a magnetic holder that secures the device to its reader. The driver is required to connect the fob to the reader when they get into the vehicle, before they start driving.

Garmin 790

Partnering with Garmin for our Remote Workforce Management solution has enabled Smartrak to leverage the Garmin 790’s in-built technology to offer another driver identification option. The Garmin 790 Near Field Communication (NFC) capability has allowed Smartrak to develop a mechanism that scans a card, sticker, or tag against the reader, which provides driver identity information to the Smartrak platform.

A simple swipe of the driver’s unique identifier against the reader, before setting off to drive, is all that is needed to pass the information onto the Smartrak map and reports.

Pool Booking

Implementing Smartrak’s Pool Booking product will provide the ability to identify the driver of a vehicle. Driver information is entered and managed as part of the booking process, which is then included within reporting and the map.

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