Identify app

The Identify app provides a software solution to driver identification, opening the door to driver-based information for any Smartrak customer with telematics – no hardware upgrade required.

Identify provides accurate and confident identification of a driver through a seamless, easy-to-use solution that fills the visibility gap in your fleet operations. 

Now Fleet Managers can confidently attribute driving infringements, gain accurate insights into a driver’s working day and support cost-centre decision making – all from a driver-centric point of view.

The Identify app enhances the return on your telematics investment by providing richer and more comprehensive insights into fleet operations.

Key Features

Provides access to driver behaviour information, including speeding, fatigue, and harsh driving.
Tackles fatigue issues by showing the actual time a driver is spending behind the wheel.
Enables the seamless integration of Driver-based Reporting into your telematics solution.

Know which employee is 
driving at all times

Accurately allocate speeding fines and infringements

Enables seamless integration of driver-based reporting 

How the Identify app works

The Identify app is simple to adopt and will not change any existing procedures with respect to your Smartrak solution.

The Smartrak Identify app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. 

Once downloaded onto an employee's smartphone, the user simply opens the app and selects the vehicle they are about to drive.

Any driver-based reports that you enable will sit within the Smartrak reporting section.

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