Exciting Product Updates Q2 2023

2023 has been a busy year for Smartrak. We’ve launched powerful new solutions to help Fleet Managers with the day-to-day management of EVs. We’ve also launched enhancements to our existing solutions with additional tools to help Smartrak customers achieve more sustainable fleets.

Nextrak for visibility of key EV battery data

In Q2 we launched Nextrak, our next-generation telematics solution.

Nextrak streamlines EV management by offering real-time battery data directly in Smartrak. This allows Fleet Managers to view real-time information on an EV’s current battery charge, the available range, and whether it’s currently plugged in and charging. This visibility unlocks effective EV fleet management and helps support your EV charging strategy.

EV battery tab

Thanks to the launch of Nextrak, Smartrak users can now view real-time EV data directly in the Smartrak map. Users simply select the vehicle of interest and click on the EV Battery tab in the pop-up box.

The EV Battery tab provides comprehensive real-time information on the vehicle’s battery charge, current battery range, and whether the EV is plugged into a charger. This live data helps you proactively manage your EVs when they’re on the road.

This new capability is available for any EV equipped with Nextrak. Live EV data will give you the power to make informed decisions for your EV fleet, support your charging strategy, and reduce the administration burden associated with managing EVs.

Real-time EV data in PoolCar

We also launched an update to PoolCar that integrates Nextrak EV data across the whole booking platform, providing a streamlined way for administrators to manage EVs, and reassuring end-users that EVs are a suitable choice.

Fleet administrators gained a new report that provides valuable data on EV information. View range, current charge, and whether they are plugged in and charging. Fleet Managers can proactively charge vehicles that need charging before it becomes an issue.

End users gain the confidence that any EV that they book has the required charge and range at the time of booking. For bookings in the future, users can be notified if EVs are below a range threshold before their booking starts. This gives them the ability to either plug the EV in to charge or update the booking to a more suitable vehicle.

Real-time EV API

We realise that our customers sometimes need to export Smartrak data into other business systems and software. The launch of Nextrak has also allowed us to develop a new EV API. This addition to our API suite gives customers the ability to pull live EV data (battery percentage, range, and charging status) wherever it’s needed.

Informative, easy-to-understand Insights

Smartrak also launched a new Insights reporting suite. Now Fleet Managers can dive into visual reports that put their fleet data front and centre, taking the hard work out of fleet reporting and analysis.

By visualising fleet information as informative graphs and tables, Insights bring clarity to fleet data. It’s never been easier to identify trends and opportunities that can make significant impacts on fleet operations. Insights is available to all Smartrak telematics customers and will see further updates in the near future.

Out of Geofence Insights - Improved visibility of fleet utilisation needn’t be a time-sink

Everything you need to make informed decisions is automatically produced graphs and tables. A simple click provides a graphical analysis of weekly, monthly, and annual utilisation trends. Include geofence information to assess off-site activity and fine-tune the reporting periods to reflect your operational day – it’s all easy.

Emissions Insights - Accurate emissions reporting with all the analysis baked in

Measuring and reporting on fleet emissions is now no longer optional for many fleets. The Emissions Insights tab automates emissions reporting, saving Fleets time.

Emissions Insights draws on the data collected via our already available Emissions Reporting solution but presents that information in a format that customers will find easier to digest. Our NZ customers will be able to view their emissions with reliable accuracy thanks to our integrations with the NZTA to align each vehicle’s unique emissions profile.

The reports are generated automatically – so there’s no need to be an ‘emissions expert’ – and can be configured to provide an accurate report on a single vehicle’s emissions or the whole fleet.

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