Fleet and Asset Management

TrakWise solutions support the evolving organisational requirements of fleet and asset management that needs to track performance and utilisation, reduce operating costs, and ensure safe operating practices.

Using insights gained from the visualisation of your fleet, organisations can identify ways to use vehicle and plant more efficiently, focusing on the productive utilisation of the fleet and its assets. This understanding helps to identify optimum fleet size based off the usage of the fleet, allowing you to right size and right type the fleet to match the required use profile and future identified requirements.

Management of your fleet is streamlined and simplified using TrakWise solutions. Administration time and costs are reduced through regulatory compliance such as FBT reporting, fuel tax credit calculations. Servicing is streamlined using fleet servicing, integrating automated reminders to proactively manage the maintenance, and ensure registrations, and WOF are kept up-to-date. Pool booking simplifies the access to fleet vehicles whilst also limiting unauthorised or after-hours use of vehicles and assets.

TrakWise also supports your organisation in managing a safer fleet. Use reporting to support the education of your fleet’s driver behaviour to reduce speeding, harsh braking, and acceleration. Knowing where your employees are in case of assistance or disasters is also important. TrakWise provides up-to-date location information to track the location and movements of vehicles in the field, which has been leveraged to direct emergency services to, and staff out of areas of risk including bushfire affected regions, and notifying managers when staff return home safely.

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Vehicle/Asset Readiness
trakwise, TrakWise
Driver/Asset Visibility and Support

Vehicle/Asset Readiness

Ensuring your fleet and assets are ready to serve at peak performance when required, TrakWise offers a range of solutions to ensure the smooth operation, management, and administration of your fleet.

Starting with maintaining fleet and assets, keeping up to date with registration, compliance, and quality control, through to the access and analysis of the fleet from an administration perspective; Smartrak has the tools to ensure the readiness of your fleet’s vehicles and assets.

Driver/Asset Visibility and Support

Visibility of your fleet and assets in the field is key to effectively managing them. Visibility ensures you can see what your fleet is doing, where it’s operating, it’s behaviour, and its effective utilisation.

Smartrak offers a diverse offering of hardware and software to enable improved visibility, including hardware to enable tracking of vehicles, and assets, non-powered assets, and individuals using these assets. Through this visibility, organisations can provide appropriate support and assistance including improved dispatch, improved communication, and in-field response to events and other requirements.

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For more information on how the TrakWise portfolio can be leveraged by your organisation, talk to a Smartrak expert