Keyless Entry

Streamlined vehicle access for any fleet

The secure and easy way to access vehicles. No keys required!
Save time accessing vehicles and finding keys
Use existing smartphone to access vehicles
Seamlessly integrated with PoolCar pool booking
Perfect for vehicles that travel between multiple sites
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Cut out the middleman of physical keys!

The latest in connected car technology

Streamline access to your fleet vehicles using a smartphone. Staff make a reservation through Smartrak’s PoolCar pool booking solution, then head directly out to the carpark and unlock the car. No delays stopping off to pick up the keys.

The Smartrak PoolCar mobile app provides users with the ability to lock and unlock vehicles directly in the app, as well as the ability to create and edit bookings on-the-go.

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Keyless Entry
Product Features

Eliminate vehicle key management

Safely store your keys inside the vehicle glove box. Once an authorised user has unlocked the vehicle with a valid PoolCar booking they can gain access to the vehicle. An immobiliser ensures anyone gaining unauthorised entry won’t be able to drive the vehicle.

Park, store, and walkaway convenience

At the conclusion of a booking, the vehicle user simply stores the keys in the vehicle glove box for the next booking. PoolCar automatically registers the vehicle as having been returned and is now available for booking.

Full integration with PoolCar

All the functionality you enjoy with PoolCar is available with Keyless Entry. Driver identification, trip reporting and record keeping, accurate visibility over fleet assets – it’s all here.

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Advanced Features

Save time by eliminating key pick up and drop off

Many organisations with shared vehicle fleets are spread out over large campuses or multiple car parking lots. The user experience for a driver is to walk from their office to where on campus the keys are stored. Then walk out to the parking lot. With Keyless, staff can make a beeline directly from their office to the parking lot, unlocking the car with their phone or staff access card. The result is time saving and no more lost keys.

Cellular Connectivity

Keyless Entry comes with an integrated 4G cellular modem that works across the majority of Australia and New Zealand. Real-time data logging from the device of diagnostic data means easier support and troubleshooting should a problem arise. Capture important events like door locked, door unlocked and ignition on/off. Secure firmware updates Over The Air (OTA) means your device’s operating system can be updated at any time.

Designed by Smartrak

Over five years of research and development has gone into Keyless, with successful deployments at a number of sites in Australia and the United States. The device was completely designed in house and that means our engineers and support team has full access to the base technology and integrations.

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Shared fleets perform a vital role in many organisations. They provide a flexible transport solution that can be utilised by all staff, while offering means to maximise returns on fleet assets. To that end, it’s vital to ensure that all assets are used efficiently and effectively.
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