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Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry is the latest in connected car technology. Providing your fleet with the ability to lock and unlock your vehicles using a smartphone, RFID or building access card. Smartrak has expanded its Mobility portfolio to include Keyless Entry as it continually looks for ways to make sharing resources more effective and efficient for your organisation. Staff make a reservation through Smartrak’s Pool Booking, then head directly out to the carpark and unlock the car. No delays stopping off to pick up the keys.

No more trekking across campus to get the car keys. Walk straight from your office to the car park and unlock the car from your smartphone.

Key Features

  • Save time accessing vehicle and finding keys

  • Use existing smartphone or access cards to access vehicles

  • Seamlessly integrated with Pool Booking

Keyless Entry, Keyless Entry

Why go Keyless?

Many organizations with shared vehicle fleets are spread out over large campuses or multiple car parking lots. The user experience for a driver is to walk from their office to where on campus the keys are stored. Then walk out to the parking lot. With Keyless, staff can make a beeline directly from their office to the parking lot, unlocking the car with their phone or staff access card. The result is time saving and no more lost keys.

Underground Parking Lots

Out of the box Keyless Vehicle Entry supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which is compatible with most modern smartphones. Using BLE, a virtual car key is sent directly from the phone to the car, without needing cellular access which makes it ideal for underground parking lots.

RFID or Proximity Card Access

Keyless Vehicle Entry can be configured to work with RFID or Proximity card readers such as HID®, typically found on most building access control systems. Using card numbers, Keyless downloads bookings from the PoolCar vehicle booking system to authenticate and authorize drivers. For instance, driver Jane Smith’s access card is granted permission to use the vehicle between the hours of 10am and 2pm, the duration of Jane’s booking.

Encryption and Security

The virtual car key is a special one-time-use password code that is uses sophisticated encryption techniques to minimize the threat of brute force hacking and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Cellular Connectivity

Keyless Entry comes with an integrated 3G cellular modem that works in over 250 countries around the world. Real-time data logging from the device of diagnostic data means easier support and troubleshooting should a problem arise. Capture important events like door locked, door unlocked and ignition on/off. Secure firmware updates Over The Air (OTA) means your device’s operating system can be updated at any time.

Our Design

Over three years of research and development has gone into Keyless, with successful deployments at a number of sites in Australia and the United States. The device was completely designed in house and that means our engineers and support team has full access to the inner workings and integrations.

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