Mini PL

The Mini PL provides discrete personal safety to staff operating in at risk roles. Due to the small form factor and design, it is easily mistaken as a remote.

Used extensively in urban environments for staff doing offsite visits i.e. outpatient check-ups by nurses or real estate agents doing open for inspections.

The Mini PL provides organisations with location information of staff, and a manual duress button for covert alerting. The Mini PL also features a microphone allowing authorised monitoring staff to be able to get additional situational context in the event of an alert being triggered.

Key Features

Manual duress
Small, inconspicuous device
Future proof - 4G Compatible


4G Network Ready

Works on 4G cellular networks in Australia and New Zealand

Easily Portable

Compact and lightweight - fits easily in a pocket or handbag

Operating Support

Wide operating temperature range

User Friendly

Intuitive, easy to use button functionally

Power Efficient

Ultra-low power consumption

Alert Location Information

Provides accurate alert location information, for viewing via a web browser on a desktop or mobile device

Assigned Alert Routing

Emergency alerts can be forwarded to a designated monitoring centre, and sent by SMS and email

Extensive Battery Life

At least 16 hours battery life based on the device being active 50% of the time

Discreet personal safety device for staff in at-risk roles

Smartrak’s compact and discrete Mini PL personal safety device gives people in risky or uncomfortable situations the confidence to perform their duties independently every day. Safe in the knowledge that support is only a button-press away if needed.

The Mini PL is integrated with Smartrak’s mapping and reporting software, and supports an instant emergency alert response. Responders can quickly and accurately identify the location of the person in need using Smartrak’s advanced mapping technology.

The device is also equipped with an advanced location positioning system, enabling GPS satellite reception to provide an accurate location, in urban environments.

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