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Long-life Non-Powered Asset Tracking
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long-life non-powered asset tracking

GPS tracking is great for monitoring the location and movement of vehicles but how do you find and keep track of non-powered assets?

The Remora3 non-powered asset tracking device enables tracking on the movements of trailers, containers, generators, and any other type of non-powered asset, making it easy to manage and report on their use and location.

The Remora3 is ideally suited to protecting non-powered assets from theft and loss, with a self-contained power source, anti-tamper detection for security and a rugged, waterproof housing for ongoing external use and exposure to adverse weather.
Key Features
  • Self-contained power source
  • 4G enabled | 4G LTE-M / NB-IoT Connectivity
  • Waterproof and dustproof housing (IP67)
  • Recovery mode

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Product Features

The Importance Of Long-Life Batteries To Non-Powered Asset Tracking

An item of equipment such as a generator that’s left on a worksite for possibly months needs a tracking device with the longevity to operate for extended periods between battery changes. Smartrak’s Remora3 features long-life batteries to ensure long periods of use, but there’s also some smart technology to further extend life.
Remora3 features Adaptive Tracking, which switches between stationary and moving modes. When the device is stationary the rate of reporting (signals sent) is automatically reduced to preserve battery life. The Remora3 will also notify the fleet administrator if the battery is running low.

Track The Things That Matter

Fleets track a range of essential and mission-critical assets and infrastructure, including portable generators, high value, sensitive equipment, and toolboxes. By easily locating the position of your assets, your operational and security processes are strengthened.
Always have visibility and the assurance of where your critical operational assets are.

Installation Is Easy

Installing the Remora3 couldn’t be easier. The device features attachment points to screw, bolt, or tie down the tracker on a variety of assets. Because the Remora3 doesn’t require external power, it can be covertly placed to reduce the risk of tampering or damage.
The Remora3’s built-in tamper detection also ensures that you’ll know if the Remora3 has been moved or removed.

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