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What do you want to achieve?

Effectively close the gap between head office and operations in the field!


Fully integrating workforces in the field with the practices of head office or keeping track of mobile assets such as vehicles has always been problematic. The essential information management needs to make cogent decisions can be subject to delays as workers return paper forms a day or possibly a week after the event, or its value is diminished by non-compliance and inaccuracies. Sometimes the forms used are sources of raw data that still need extensive and time-consuming reviews to extract valuable insights from a mass of information.

Smartrak uses digital integration to address these issues, effectively closing the gap between head office and operations in the field. By combining our powerful information gathering and analytical capability with class-leading navigation and worker productivity solutions we are providing greater clarity to management and improved productivity to field teams. These solutions provide managers with real-time, actionable data, which dramatically enhances the effective direction of field activities.

The seamless integration of management and remote worker environments within an integrated digital platform will be welcomed by all organisations that recognise productivity enhancement and service responsiveness as essential business goals.

Smartrak and Garmin

More productive teams in the field

Smartrak has partnered with Garmin, the world’s acknowledged leader in navigation technology, to provide remote workers with productivity tools that take full advantage of our solutions.

This feature-rich innovation provides superb navigation capabilities for more efficient journey planning alongside the on-site functionality that enables your teams in the field to do more. Remote workers will have access to plans and diagrams, geofences, work sheets and more, all supplied digitally for full, real-time information sharing. Images captured on-site can be uploaded and reviewed by management. Time sheets and task completion logs can all be updated and made available without the time delays of a paper trail.

Garmin 790
A productivity tool that offers genuine benefits, both in and out of the vehicle.

garmin mobile workforce integration
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Mobile Forms
Real-time data upload automates the capture, collection, and sharing of information, eliminating manual data entry.

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GIS Data Integration
By working with Smartrak, companies are able to drive efficiency, improve communication, make better decisions and create better geographic information recordkeeping.

GIS Layers
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Real-time data integration between management and remote workers

Management’s dream of migrating time-consuming paper tasks to a digital platform that easily, accurately and consistently reports and analyses day-to-day remote worker and vehicle activities is here.
By embracing the Android platform Smartrak has opened the door to unparalleled integration with your enterprise programs. Now, our world-class information gathering and analytical capabilities have the potential to integrate seamlessly with business processes. Job sheets, reporting, time sheets, task recording, and success measurement all benefit from the improved accuracy and real-time clarity provided via customised apps.

Plus, you can start seeing the benefits of enhanced connectivity between management and field operations from day 1. This is a plug-and-play solution that requires no hardwiring, and no requirement to take vehicles out of service for complicated installations. Just arm your field teams with this solution and they can immediately start receiving and feeding back information, real-time.

Get the system on-board, test out its capabilities, discover the benefits, and then build on those insights by integrating more of your management processes. The Android platform enables a solution that scales up to seamlessly to encompass more of the workload as different departments are enrolled in system.



  • Streamline data sharing between systems
  • Reduce manual administration
  • Turn stand-alone data into actionable information

Smartrak offers a robust API suite to our customers’ to support their integration needs. APIs support our customers reporting and data management by ensuring you are getting the data you need in one place, both from Smartrak and any other business systems you might have.

Use your own data and the wealth of data produced in Smartrak to develop the insights and greater understanding of how your organisation is operating. Identify opportunities for improvements and create more optimised workflows.


APIs help integrate and automate valuable Smartrak data into your business’s software, providing an end to end integration solution.

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Leverage your data and business intelligence to effectively monitor and report based off your business needs

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Insights is an interactive reporting suite that aggregates your Smartrak data into easy-to-read analytics.

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Reporting and Analytics

Take the guesswork out of fleet management, and let the insights provided by Smartrak reveal the operational details you need for effective decision making.

Our reporting suite aggregates your Smartrak data into easy-to-read analytics, with reports that help you build a 360˚ view of your fleet. Use the information gained to maximise fleet utilisation, identify inefficiencies, reduce fuel costs and improve fleet safety. With this solution, Smartrak takes manual manipulation out of the equation, so you can get on with running your fleet.

We also understand that no two businesses are the same, and that you may need some customised reporting, in addition to our core reports. Smartrak’s Professional Services team can help you with this, by building bespoke reports that deliver the insights you require to be successful.


For more information on how the Field Services portfolio can be leveraged by your organisation, talk to a Smartrak expert