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Fleet reporting has never been easier

Smartrak’s new Insights Reports take the hard work out of fleet reporting and analysis.

By presenting fleet information as a suite of interactive graphs and tables, Smartrak’s Insights bring clarity to your fleet data. It’s never been easier to identify trends and opportunities in vehicle utilisation or to uncover where fleet emissions are being generated.
For nearly a decade, Smartrak has been at the forefront of data analysis, helping our customers gain valuable information from our telematics solutions. This commitment continues as we ensure customers have access to next-generation reporting tools, bringing valuable clarity to the challenges fleets face today.

Our customers

Sustainability Insights

Our Sustainability Insights report unlocks the tools Fleet Managers need to not only monitor but also report on fleet emissions. With detailed emissions data and customisable reports, you can easily detect high-emissions vehicles and identify candidates for EV transition.
Sustainability Insights will give you a clear understanding of your fleet's environmental impact. Now you can start making informed decisions about your fleet that align with your organisation’s sustainability goals.

Utilisation Insights

The Utilisation Insights report empowers Fleet Managers to track and analyse the efficiency of fleets, pools, and even individual vehicles. Discover usage patterns, identify underutilised assets, and streamline operations. Armed with these insights, you can optimise your fleet's size and composition, leading to reduced costs and improved productivity.

EV Status

Effectively managing a fleet of EVs creates several unique challenges for Fleet Managers.
Our EV report allows Fleet Managers to seamlessly monitor battery charge, current range, and whether an EV is plugged in and charging. Proactively manage your EV fleet and ensure vehicles have sufficient charge for upcoming bookings, without having to leave the office.

Advanced Features

Focus on what matters

Easy-to-access and actionable information that’s focused on your operational requirements.

Informed decision making

Make informed decisions about fleet operations and benchmark progress against measurable KPIs.

Report and share

Easily share insights across departments with reporting that’s compatible with all major enterprise management systems.

Comprehensive API suite

Utilise Smartrak’s API suite for seamless integrations with your operating processes, eliminating time-consuming double handling and maintaining data accuracy.

Identify trends and uncover insights

Use our graphical displays to present top-line trends in ways that are easy to understand and to share.

Reporting customisation

Customise reporting through dropdown options: running reports as one-offs or scheduled to run and email at set intervals.

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