Smartrak offers more than 20 standard reports, which provide the data and business intelligence to meet an organisation’s monitoring and reporting needs.  The reports are easy to generate and provide meaningful information to manage resources, including drivers.  All reports can be customised through dropdown options to meet specific business needs, and can be saved for quick reference, run as one-offs or scheduled to be run and emailed on a set date.

The comprehensive suite of reports enables organisations to

  • Generate reports based on a particular time period, specific vehicle, group of vehicles or the entire fleet

  • Point, line and polygon data can be imported from your asset information systems

  • Ability to report on where your remote workforce is in relation to company-specific assets

  • Static data such as road sign locations can be maintained by bulk imports or updates


In addition to our standard reports, Smartrak also offers Insight Reporting.  Insight Reporting is designed to help Customers maximise fleet utilisation, identify inefficiencies, reduce fuel costs and improve driver safety. Through these automated reports, Smartrak removes the manual data manipulation from the equation so our customers can efficiently maximise the return on their assets while keeping their people safe.

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